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Will You Be My Ring Bearer? Making Weddings Fun for Kids!

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One of my favorite things to envision on my wedding day is my niece and nephew as the flower girl and ring bearer. I see pictures on Pinterest line this one and this one and I get teary eyed picturing those kids all dressed up and helping to make Tyler and my big day perfect. I want this to be an experience that they remember and that they are excited for, too!

I found these books online and then picked them up at my local Barnes and Noble. They are really cute stories of a ring bearer and a flower girl in the same wedding and they break down their roles and how important they are to the wedding. I wanted to ask my ring bearer and flower girl to be a part of my wedding as formally as I did my bridesmaids; this book offered not only a great keepsake for them, but it was also a present they would get to open!

 photo 8705000_zpsbf0f2d40.jpg  photo 7684185_zpsae6337eb.jpg

Meet Broxton, my 3-year old nephew and ring bearer! Broxton loves Batman, baseball and is always ready for fun. Beneath his rowdy-boy exterior, he's a sweetie with a heart of gold who gives the best hugs. As you can see below, he's not afraid of dirt (why are boys dirt magnets?!). The most common thing he asks me is, "Where's Tyler?" I think he's the perfect ring bearer for the job, no?
  photo IMG_9400_zps7abafa85.jpg

After we surprised Broxton's momma by asking her to be a bridesmaid, we told Broxton that weddings need a ring bearer and we explained to him what their role is. We asked him if he knew of any little boys who might be good at that job. He volunteered excitedly and we gave him his present, which he opened right away in the garage, and of course a ring pop! ;)

  photo IMG_9322_zps4f0e38c7.jpg
 photo IMG_9328_zpsaf2364ba.jpg

  photo null_zpse692c8c7.jpg photo null_zpsad1e10f6.jpg
I am soooo excited for this little guy to be in our wedding!! And I hope he remembers the excitement of being asked and that it's always a fun and important memory for him!

I melt over these two: 
 photo null_zps7fe3bde2.jpg photo null_zps2000c672.jpg

P.S. To be fair, Broxton has a little brother, Brayden. I didn't "ask" Brayden to be in the wedding because he's only 1, but I left that up to his parents. If they want him to be a ring bearer in the wedding, Auntie D welcomes him just as much!

 photo null_zps0ec08110.jpg
I mean, my nephews are dolls, right?!
Did you or do you plan on having a ring bearer in your wedding?


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