Thursday, June 6, 2013


One year ago today: Happy Birthday, Brayden!
Coveting big, pretty houses or areas with more reasonable housing prices. The Southern California housing market is so depressing to me right now, I just want a big, pretty, clean house in a nice area - is that so bad? Not if I was a millionaire, haha.

Imagining that God already knows what home we're going to buy and it's exactly what He had planned for us all along (whether it's temporary or a forever home). I'm not just "imagining" this, I know it's true, but if I envision it then it's easier to trust Him. 

Asking for a safe, fun weekend! Today is my nephew Brayden's 1st birthday and we are driving up to Fresno for his party on Sunday. To make the most of the 250 mile drive, we decided to head out to San Francisco tomorrow and spend a few days there visiting friends and family before Sunday. I think a nice weekend is just what Tyler and I need! I'm also asking God for some favor with that big house I'm coveting and imagining ;). 

Saving for (hopefully) a wedding. Or an elopement and new furniture [for when the house happens]. ;)

Fearing everything. That a wedding will cost more than it's worth. That we won't be able to find a good house and will end up paying half a million dollars for an apartment-style condo in a bad neighborhood. That I'll never be able to afford to be a stay-at-home mom. That I'll never have a fulfilling career. That I'm going to hear Game of Thrones spoilers before I get to book/season 3. That the health insurance I finally will be getting soon is going to cost me way more than I am happy to pay. That I'm going to get a disease from sharing a bathroom with the super gross guys at my work (this is probably the most legitimate concern, not gonna lie). I guess I should really just be asking for God's grace and His peace because it's what I need more than anything right now. 


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