Friday, May 3, 2013

Day 3: Uncomfortable

Day 3: Things that make you uncomfortable.
  •  People who give way too much information. How am I supposed to react to what you are saying, crazy person? How do you expect me to react?!
  • When people incessantly use the wrong form of words (i.e. to vs two vs too; there vs their vs they're). Maybe this doesn't make me so much uncomfortable as irritated. Like, keep me away from firearms irritated.
  • When people don't know you well and think it's okay to fart or curse, especially in front of ladies. I'm not a prude, I am not offended by farts and bad words, but it's nice to know that people still have some sense of courtesy and respect. This is an especially uncomfortable subject at my work (I work at a trucking company, yeah gross). 
  • Paying for a meal with friends/family. I blame most of my credit card debt in college to me not wanting to deal with the discomfort and just picking up the tab for everyone. 
  • Asking a celebrity to take a picture with you. I mean, pictures or it didn't happen, right? You need to get that picture. But it's awkward because either they're so nice you feel bad getting into their space, or they're not worth giving an ego stroke. Either way, this is a major First World / LA Problem. But it's uncomfortable, man. 
 photo 6b893b6e-2dcc-4e51-989b-ab3bd8f398cf_zps1a339d9c.jpg
Oh hey, Coolio. This is uncomfortable. Srsly.


  1. Ha! You to (hee hee) look like old friends!! :)

  2. haha,
    i don't even feel comfortable when someone take my pic. let alone ask a celeb to take a pic with me. not gonna do that.


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