Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Day 28: Pictures [The Wildlife Center in Sylmar, CA]

Day 28: Just pictures.

 {Terrible pictures, I look so gross. At The Wildlife Center in Sylmar, CA}
  photo 600923_10152808356655251_1724270103_n_zpsf247ce25.jpg
  photo 253217_10152808359590251_228774367_n_zpse5fdc3d1.jpg
  photo 205503_10152808359935251_2145849858_n_zpsb0cb9491.jpg
  photo 935321_10152808362130251_1173838608_n_zpse7865c97.jpg
 photo 960180_10152808362025251_2033382230_n_zps8b407b32.jpg
Remember how I'm PETRIFIED of birds?? FEAR CONQUERED. Well, not really.
  photo 944323_10152808362775251_948982642_n_zps3130d9f5.jpg


  1. Hi Danielle!! That looks like such a fun trip! That's amazing how close they let you get the animals (and vice versa).


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