Sunday, May 19, 2013

Day 19: Blogs

Day 19: Five of your favorite blogs and what you love about them.
  1. The Anderson Crew - Emily's blog is one of the first blogs I ever started reading consistently. I don't even know how I found it, probably just hopping around blogs. What I love about Emily is that she's real and she's unapologetic. She's living life and we're lucky enough that she blogs so we can read along. She blogs about what irritates her and mistakes she's made because she's real. I love this. I was lucky enough to connect with Emily when I knit her a scarf from Knit Together by Love and she is the same person one-on-one that she is on her blog. I really admire her and hope when I'm a mom I'll be like her. 
  2. Rinse Repeat - Bethany's blog was the first blog I found through Pinterest and kept reading. I fell in love with her style and her pictures immediately. Everything on her blog is pretty!! But what keeps me coming back as a reader is her writing and her character as a person. Bethany recently spent a year living in Kuwait with her husband who is in the military and she documented her struggles and triumphs, all which only added to how great I think she is. The way she writes about her life experiences, her travels and the things she loves is simple but beautiful. It feels like each post is wrapped with a blush colored ribbon!
  3. The House of Smiths - Shelley is one blogger I really wish I was real life friends with! Her love for life just gushes out of her blog posts! If I had half as much positivity in my life as she seems to have, I would be a much better person! But that's not even why I started reading The House of Smiths; it's for Shelley and her husband Cason's unbelievable home designs! They have blogged about the ways they have renovated and personalized their house and all I can say is I wish I could afford to pay Shelley to redecorate my life. She is so talented and her brightness and spunk makes me so happy for her success. I feel better after reading any post from The House of Smiths.
  4. Under the Sycamore - Ashley's heart is bigger than anyone's I have encountered. Her simple but rich way of raising her five kids with her awesome husband makes me want to move out to Oklahoma and build a chicken coop for myself! And you can feel her heart in everything she writes, whether it's as big as bringing home her adopted daughter from China or as seemingly small as playing with cups. She is one of the most intentional mothers I have ever seen. And if all that isn't enough, her pictures are perfect. One day I will take Ashley's SnapShop so I can learn to be a little bit like her!
  5. I Am Not A Stalker - Lindsay is proof that I'm NOT a stalker. Just because you have a love for Hollywood, the actors, the sets, the whole vibe, doesn't mean you are going to cross the line and invade privacy stalker-style! I love the whole behind-the-scenes stuff when it comes to movies and television, especially finding filming locations even if the exterior is used. Lindsay finds famous filming locations and tells you where they are, she's pretty incredible! I've visited quite a few spots thanks to her tips! She also lets you know when you might be able to go meet a celeb at an appearance. And as always, Lindsay warns many locations are real residences and you should not bother the owners -- see, she's not a weirdo and neither am I! Boundaries! ;)
I am pretty sure that if I could borrow my favorite qualities from each of these bloggers I would be an ideal person. haha! And by the way, they are in no particular order.


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