Thursday, May 16, 2013

Day 16: Lot

Day 16: Something difficult about your lot in life and how you're overcoming it.

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As regular readers know, I don't have a relationship with my biological father at all. I cut all ties to him (and he might say he's cut all ties with me), but it's a decision that I am more confident in every single day of my life. My dad has psychological issues that make him an unpredictable person and oftentimes downright mean and scary. I have watched others suffer from his actions my whole life and have been hurt on occasion by him, but last year I put my foot down when I saw the deep, down person he really is. Remember my advice to believe others when they show you who they really are? Unfortunately this applies to family, too. 

Because of God's grace I have gotten through more than a year without my biological father and, to be honest, it's been one of the most liberating years of my life. It has created strain between myself and other family members who don't/won't/can't understand what I'm going through and it's no secret that the impact it has made on my relationship with my youngest sister has been the greatest difficulty of all; but I have gotten through all that day by day with God's grace as well. I know God is keeping both my sister and I safe in His hands because He is our real father. 

I also strongly believe that God fills in our blanks. We live in a fallen world and we have free choice. My bio-father has made the choice to live the life that he lives. I have made the choice to separate myself from that. God doesn't force us to do what He wants, but he does fill in the blanks and He filled in my blank by giving me my step-dad. In the few years that my step-dad has been in my life, he has made a more positive impact on me than my bio-father ever has simply by unconditionally being there for me. My step-dad gives me his time and his love and things are not complicated. There are no games. He is my dad and I am grateful to my Heavenly Father for that. 

If you are going through something difficult, make sure to keep your eye out because I'm sure God is filling in your blanks for you.


  1. you are a beautiful, strong woman. sending hugs pretty girl. XOXO

    1. Thanks so so much, girl! :) You are so sweet!!

      XOXO !

  2. This is so weird. I'm also a southern california girl who cut ties with my father last year permanently because of how horribly mean he is. It's put a strain on my relationships with my 2 sisters who still see him regularly, but I stand by my decision and have never looked back. I completely feel you, girl. Stay strong.
    stopping by from the linkup

  3. Beautifully put, Danielle. While I don't have the same set of circumstances, I do not relationship with my father (since I was a toddler) and have truly experienced HOW incredibly God fills is able to fill that spot in my life (or the blanks as you put it!) on His own and through people He puts around us! Though it seems so far in the past now, I'm extremely grateful for how God used the circumstances at hand to shape, mold, cover and strengthen me; He truly is the best Father I know :)


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