Thursday, November 15, 2012

Throwback Thursday {#13}

One time my friend Nicole and I flew to Florida {from California} and surprised one of our favorite bands by showing up at the Warped Tour. We were friends with them and Nicole & I actually met at one of their shows.

Me, Nicole & Over It in Florida
And then 2 years later we did it again with another band we were friends with in Philadelphia. Both times we followed the bands on tour for about a week, too {but we're not groupies because none of "that" nonsense happened. Girl Scouts honor!}.

with Anthony & Colin of Circa Survive, technically this was in Anaheim, CA when Nicole got punched in the pit, but it was on the heels of our Philly/East Coast trip.
Those are some memories I will be telling my kids and grandkids about and I'm glad we got a chance to make it happen. Great friendships, great travel adventures, great new places, great memories!! If you have the chance to travel, even if it's just across the country for a day or two, do it! Especially if it involves something you love as much as I love music!



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