Thursday, November 1, 2012

Throwback Thursday {#11}

 This isn't much of a throwback, but it justifies me taking so long to post about it! ;)

A few weeks ago Tyler and I were bored late on a Friday night, but since we live right outside LA that's rarely a problem! ;) We remembered that the Space Shuttle Endeavor was making its trek from LAX to the California Science Center {where it is currently on exhibit}. So we drove down to LA and went to find it! It really wasn't difficult, you could spot it off the freeway, which was quite a site!! We parked our car and walked a mile or so to where it was on display in the street for everyone to see. VERY COOL!
Swarms of people walking toward the shuttle. And my hair actually looks alright in this picture, not as thin as it actually is! ;) ha!

I've seen it in the air, on the streets and I can't wait to visit Endeavor at the California Science Center!


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