Monday, November 5, 2012

Secret Squirrel Warm the Soul Swap

I participated in my first blog swap recently and it was so much fun!! The Secret Squirrel Swap was put on by the lovely ladies of Sassy Lemonade and Semper Fi Momma and they did a GREAT job pairing me with the extra awesome Jenn from Squishy Cheeks and Cupcakes!

I was really excited to find that Jenn and I had a lot in common, including a love for knitting and baking {although she does both way better than me!!}. It was a lot of fun to read her blog and follow her on Instagram to see what I thought she might like. I sent Jenn some things that I love and warm my soul, like a Bath & Body Works candle and some pumpkin flavored coffee with a cute mug. I also knit her a scarf {even though I know she can knit one ten times better with real knitting needles! haha} and sent her a novel, Knit the Season, that has to do with Christmas and knitting {I haven't read it yet, but I have a copy, too and will read it soon!}.

After blog-stalking Jenn for awhile {lol}, I knew that the thing that warms her soul more than anything else is her beautiful daughter, "Peanut", so I asked my sister who is an artist to make a doodle for me, very informal and simple. She ended up painting a full blown portrait and I couldn't be more pleased! I know Jenn loved it, too, which made me so happy!!

It was so much fun putting Jenn's box together that I almost forgot I would be receiving something back! And Jenn did an amazing job with the sweetest things!

First off I got a beautiful print in a super cute frame that goes perfectly on the new desk and shelving I bought! It's a great reminder and definitely warms my soul to read when I'm crafting!

I was also SO excited to find some homemade sugar cookie mix so adorably packaged....

...and the coolest cookie cutter that makes cookies that hang from the edge of a coffee mug!! I kid you not, I have been eying this cookie cutter at World Market for awhile!! I really wanted to wait to post until I made the sugar cookies, but I just didn't  have time this weekend and I really wanted to share with you all of my goodies! I'll be sure to make another post once I DO make the cookies, I'm sure they'll be yummy!!

Another thing I have almost bought at World Market that Jenn sent me was this Hello Kitty pink hot chocolate along with some other delicious flavors! I really loved that we both went to World Market-- it really shows how well we were paired and our similar tastes!
{there was also Dulce De Leche White Hot Chocolate, but I had already made it right away!!}

One of my favorite things that I got from Jenn was this gorgeous infinity scarf!! I swear I squealed when I pulled it out and put it on, you can ask my mom {who tried to steal it, jokingly... I think}. It was pretty meant to be that I was actually wearing a shirt that matched it this and wore it for the rest of the day!

I really loved all of my goodies and am so happy that I was paired with Jenn! She is so thoughtful and creative, and obviously has great taste in stores to shop at {World Market fans over here!}! I think we'll be great blog friends who may not have found each other without this swap! :) THANKS AGAIN SO MUCH JENN!!

And now, I leave you with my favorite squirrel video ever, no matter how disgusting! ;)


  1. So great Danielle! Warms my heart all over again. And I'm getting into that book - already on to chapter 3. Thanks again!

    1. It was so much fun to swap!! Thank you again! I am going to start that book soon, too! :) I hope it's good!


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