Friday, November 30, 2012

Dear Santa . . .

While I absolutely love shopping for other people, I get uncomfortable when someone asks me what I want for Christmas. I think I learned it from my mom, but my instinct is to say, "Save your money! I don't need anything!" Besides, I spend enough on myself on Black Friday to really not need anything by Christmas. But just for fun and since everyone else is doing it, I compiled a list of things I would ask Santa for if I got the chance and he had no budget . . .

Christmas Wish List

{one} Macbook Pro - I regret buying a PC a few Black Fridays back and wish I would have put my money toward this beauty. Now that they have the cute 13" model, I think I'll have to budget to pick this little guy up next year! ;)

{two} Clarisonic Skin Cleansing System - If Santa doesn't bring me this, I think I'm going to invest in one myself. I have terrible skin and after reading pages and pages of reviews about how this device can completely transform it, I am convinced I need one. I'll settle for the Mia model, but I would really love the Classic!

{three} Hot Tools 2" Curling Iron - My huge barreled curling iron broke this year {RIP Curling Iron Man}, and I need a replacement! I'll also take a 1" while you're in that aisle, Santa! ;)

{four} MAC Makeup - A girl's best friend! I love getting gift cards for MAC Cosmetics because I always need my standard foundation, but I am also loving this Primped Out Lip Look Bag in Luxurious Pink! If anything, I need that lipstick and liner ASAP!

{five} Monopoly Pink Boutique Edition - Because buying a salon is so much more fun than buying a railroad, mmmkay?

{six} Fred and Friends Salt and Pepper Shakers - Fred and Friends is one of my favorite brands, they have the funniest and cutest home items! I already own this birthday candelabra, and these salt and pepper shakers are the next thing by them that I really want. They started selling their stuff at Target now, too! 

{seven} Target gift card - Speaking of Target, you can't go wrong with a Target gift card!! I especially love getting these at Christmas because it means I can pick up clearance Christmas items on December 26, my second favorite shopping day of the year!

{eight} SJP NYC perfume - I keep telling myself I'm going to buy this, but I can never bring myself to buy perfume when I already have enough of my other scents to keep me in business for quite awhile. But I do love this scent!

{nine} Brothers and Sisters on DVD - This is one of my favorite tv shows {even though I started watching it after it aired lol} and the only reason I haven't bought the whole collection yet is because I keep holding out hope that it's going to be released as a boxed set. So far it hasn't, so I'm adding it to the list!

{ten} Amethyst Ring - I'm totally loving amethyst right now and this ring is one of my favorites in every way! I love the cut, I love the classic design, I love the colors. I'm not saying I want this ring for any reason other than for fashion, just want to be clear {I don't want colors in that ring anyway, just sayin'...! LOLOL}.

At the end of the day I still think you should save your money because I really don't need any of this! But if I do get it all, you're totally invited to my house to watch Brothers and Sisters while we play Monopoly and smell like SJP, deal? ;)


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