Monday, October 15, 2012

Weekend Update

On Friday night Tyler and I had dinner with his family including his uncle who was visiting from Arizona. Afterwards we drove up to LA and saw the Space Shuttle Endeavor making its way to the California Science Center. We heard it was supposed to be crossing the 405 Freeway at 10pm, but it was running super late. We were able to park and then walk to where the shuttle was sitting on the street {we walked well over a mile and I was wearing platform heels, mind you! ha}. This picture is from my phone, but I have some great pictures on my camera I'll post later.

On Saturday it was my youngest brother Austin's birthday {as I mentioned Thursday}, but he had to work all day so I barely saw him. I visited with my mom and picked up my mail to find these incredible nails from Stephanie {& Nick} Holden from The Honey Pot! They are inscribed with, "He Died for All" 2 Cor 5:15 and are such a powerful reminder of Jesus' love for us. Thank you again, Stephanie & Nick!!

Saturday night was my Uncle Tim's surprise 50th birthday and it was a LOT of fun with friends and family. A little bit of drama, but what party would be complete without that? lol.

 My artist sister made art out of salt & pepper {and a cherry stem} lololol:

Sunday I went to Ikea {aka Budget Friendly Heaven on Earth} and bought a new desk, I'M SO EXCITED! I think it will help encourage me to craft more because I'll have space to spread out. I am proof that you can live in a studio with no kitchen and thrive! ;) I also started knitting again! Even though in southern California it's going to be in the 90s this week {I rant every 5 minutes about this, for real}, I'll fight for fall with my knitting. I stitched together some panels for baby blankets.

I also put out my fall/Halloween decorations this year, love love love fall!!

{I got that free printable from Craftaholics Anonymous last year, by the way. Isn't it awesome?!}

Hope you all had a fantastic weekend, too!!


  1. That is so cool that you got to see the shuttle!!
    And I want that birthday cake for my next one, that thing is awesome!!

  2. love that you can knit- it is something that I have been wanting to learn! I too am from southern california!


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