Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Space Shuttle Endeavor

This post is long overdue, but last week was crazy busy!

The Space Shuttle Endeavor made its parade around California on Friday, September 21st and we were ready to see it at work. We climbed up on the roof knowing it was going to fly from Los Angeles to Disneyland to Long Beach and hoping it would cross our path (my work is between Disneyland and Long Beach).

It seriously felt like the zombie apocalypse up on the roof {and I HATE zombie anything, so for me to say that means it was weird and creepy haha}, but we finally spotted Endeavor! It wasn't super close to us and the LA smog did us no favors, but with the INSANE zoom lens my cousin Wendy gave me, I got some decent pictures! {the cropped and blown up versions are on my Instagram}.

It was SUPER cool to see the shuttle piggybacking like that!! I think what was even more incredible was the camaraderie of THOUSANDS who came out in droves all over California to see it. You could really feel the pride of being an American and the love we all have for our country!


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