Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Fall Snack Mix

Last year I pinned this recipe for Halloween Snack Mix and put my own spin on it. This year I made this recipe again for our camping trip and it's already feeling like a fall tradition!

You will need a box/bag/whatever of each of these: 
-Cheez-Its (or comparable)
-Pretzels (I prefer the squares)
-peanuts (I used honey roasted)
-Reese's Pieces (I used 3 movie theater sized boxes)
-Caramel Corn (I use Poppycock Original)
-Candy Corn
-Honey Nut Cheerios

You can add anything you want or take out anything you don't like. Or throw together whatever is in your kitchen. You can add raisins, marshmallows, cocoa puffs, different cereals, M&Ms, Raisinets, the possibilities are really endless!

I put it together by taking a cup (you can use a measuring cup, coffee mug, Solo cup, whatever) and mixing in equal parts of everything. You will probably have more Cheez-Its, pretzels and Cheerios than everything else unless you buy more of everything else. I usually put in all the Cheez-Its and pretzels to bulk the mix up, and keep the leftover Cheerios for cereal. If you really like one thing, feel free to add more of it. You really can't go wrong! Just mix, mix, mix! Mix more than I obviously did in the photo above; it looks a little more Cheez-It heavy than it was. ;)

This makes two really huge tubs - - I'm so technical and precise, I know! ;) You can make as much as I did by using everything, or just take a cup of each ingredient and making a smaller batch. It's easy to keep this stuff on hand for the kids if you make a big batch. This stuff was a life saver last Black Friday when my niece went shopping with us; I was glad I had a baggie of it in my purse!!

I should have taken some cuter pictures, but you can check out Munchkin Munchie's post for much better pictures! :)

Soooo who else is excited for The Vampire Diaries premiere tonight?! I never thought I'd be giddy over vampires, but NEVER say never! :) 


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