Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Camping Photo Overload

Last Friday, Tyler and I left Long Beach at 5am and drove a few hours north to Lake Cachuma near Santa Barbara. We got there so early because we were afraid the campgrounds would be busy for Columbus Day Weekend and we wanted to secure a good spot for weekend camping with his family. Apparently nobody camps in October because there was hardly anyone there that early!

We secured the most beautiful spot at the tip of a peninsula overlooking the lake. It was incredible!! But then we discovered that this spot was susceptible to some SERIOUS WINDS! In the afternoon when Tyler's parents arrived we packed up camp and switched to a less windy spot {without a lake view, boo!}. It was still a great spot and we had a lot of fun there!!

Some highlights included . . .

Some serious family time, especially with Tyler's sister & brother-in-law who live in northern California

Beautiful nature everywhere! 

ME catching a fish!! {even if I squealed like a girl and let it flop away!}
Getting my Katniss on {pretend the fishing pole is a bow and the chair is a quiver!}!!

Boys being boys climbing trees! ;)
The General Store allowing us convenience without ripping us off completely
Campfires that include yummy gourmet s'mores, hot dogs and hobo banquet!

Glowstick campfire party!

THE STARS!! Seeing The Milky Way & going on a little night hike! 
Camping close enough to Solvang (Dutch village) where we got to eat Aebelskievers, act like tourists, and check out Mission Santa Ines {which I did my mission report on in 4th grade!}

As you can tell by our pictures, it was a really fun trip! And as I mentioned Monday, it never felt so good to take a shower the minute I got home! And plug my phone into an outlet. And experience a good night's sleep in my own warm, clean bed!! Despite the inconveniences, I definitely want to go camping again really soon!!

Have you ever gone camping? Where is your favorite place to camp? 



  1. are those star photos FOR REAL?! holy moly-amazing!


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