Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Brea Downtown: Waffles & French Macarons

Tyler and I went to Brea Downtown a few weeks ago and checked out their Bruxie - it was nothing short of delicious!! We've already gone to the original Bruxie in Old Town Orange, but the one in Brea is much bigger with indoor seating and the same delicious food!

At Bruxie they use gourmet waffles to make sweet and savory sandwiches and desserts. I'm not a big waffle fan, but that doesn't matter: Bruxie is still one of my favorite places to eat! Tyler and I split the Turkey Club and Lemon Cream & Berries {forgive my poor photo of the Turkey Club - I'm still totally not used to taking pictures of food in public with my DSLR. I felt like a creep. HA!). Both items were SO GOOD!

After we ate, we walked around Birch Street and found the cutest little bakery, Merely Sweets, that makes French macarons!!! They were really big and delicious!! Even though we were full from Bruxie, we had to try the Salted Caramel and Lemon flavors. So. Good.

We had a fun time walking down Birch Street where there's a lot of good shops and restaurants to explore. I used to come here with my cousins when they lived in Brea and I went to Cal State Fullerton. If you're in the area, definitely check out Bruxie and Merely Sweets! Yum!


  1. haha I feel you on whipping the camera out to take food pics in public. I did it on a date once and even my hubby thought I was nuts. Blogger problems, right??

  2. What a great and colourful selection of macarons!


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