Thursday, October 25, 2012

2 Years

Last week my sister, who is an incredible artist, asked me if I would accompany her to a fancy schmancy art show. She said an LA-based artist was interested in her work and invited her to attend his show with a guest. Taylor said we had to get all dolled up and to meet me at her house around 5pm.

So I showed up at my parent's house, ready for this art show, but my sister wasn't off of work yet. I sat down to wait for her and in walks my boyfriend Tyler wearing a tie... So I ask, "Wait, are you going to the art show, too?" To which he explains that there is no art show, the whole thing was a ruse so he could surprise me four our 2 year anniversary (actually on October 23) with dinner reservations in Newport Harbor!! Whaaatttt?! We had totally agreed that it would be a low key anniversary celebration this year (last year we did a California road trip, this year we're both very busy with work). What an AMAZING surprise! It was actually quite an operation between my mom, sister and Tyler that led to including many others).

Please ignore my mom photo bombing as a plant monster. Srsly.
Outtakes, anyone? HAHA
Tyler had reservations at Villa Nova, a restaurant that overlooks Newport Harbor. We got to Newport really early so we parked and started walking along the docks to kill time. As we were walking I looked down and noticed something in Tyler's side pocket. I kind of panicked, not gonna lie HAHAHA. He started telling me all the super sweet things every girl longs to hear, and then pulled out what every girl wants to see: a pretty blue Tiffany box containing a beautiful heart necklace he picked out himself!! I love it and have worn it every day this week!! I know many are disappointed that it wasn't a marriage proposal, but to be honest we both know we aren't quite ready for that and I was just perfectly happy with the necklace! :)

Dinner at Villa Nova was incredible! Our table overlooked the water and it was a drizzly fall evening (my favorite!!). We ordered everything our waiter recommended and I can't tell you how much we enjoyed each course. They even brought us a special Anniversary spumoni, it was really great service along with great food!

I don't say it enough but I am such a lucky girl to have my Tyler! He is such a caring, thoughtful, patient, hard working guy and if you compare that to me, I don't know why he sticks around. Let's not remind him of how the scales are so tipped, okay? ;) haha!


  1. so sweet! and I love the necklace :) good job tyler!
    happy anniversary


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