Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Tidy Bride Aprons

One of the coolest and most original gifts my friend Nicole got at her bridal shower was an apron she could wear over her wedding dress while eating on her big day. The apron was custom made by her {now} mother-in-law and it was such a great idea! I can't imagine the stress of keeping a wedding dress clean all night, especially when eating and toasting!

Lucky for the rest of us, Nicole's mother-in-law, Nina {below}, just started her own Etsy shop called Tidy Bride Aprons!

 She makes a variety of styles, colors and can even custom make an apron to best match your wedding dress. These make excellent bridal shower gifts! My favorite is the Fluffy Ivory Bridal Apron!

Whether you're in a wedding, attending a wedding or planning a wedding, a Tidy Bride Apron is a must! :)  And no, I wasn't paid, bribed or blackmailed to tell you all of this, I've just seen the cute convenience they offer and couldn't resist passing it along to you! Between my Basket of Firsts and Nina's Tidy Bride Aprons, you're sure to be the best bridal shower gift-giver around! ;)


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