Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Mini Book Reviews

Generally I give pretty favorable book reviews because there's almost always something good about a book if I can finish it. You used to be able to say that there must be some redeeming quality about a book if it was able to get published, but with e-books and the internet, self-publishing makes it easier for poorly written books to make it big. Here are some books I've read that aren't memorable enough to write a full review, but are so popular on Amazon I thought I'd give you my two cents.

Beautiful Disaster by Jamie McGuire - {buy here} - If you're going to read one of these books I warn you about, this one is it. Abby Abernathy is a good girl with a dark past attending college at Eastern University. Travis "Mad Dog" Maddox is the university's bad boy, the champ of an underground fight ring and known for one-night stands. Abby's aversion to Travis makes her especially intriguing to him and he works to win her over. When Abby loses a bet and has to share a room with Travis as a result, they develop a friendship unlike anything either has ever experienced.

With this book the devil was in the details. I enjoyed the characters, especially the growth and development of Travis that blew away preconceived notions. Even the supporting characters were well written. But the details were ridiculously cheesy and not relatable at all. Once Abby's background is revealed it's so eye-rolling that it ruined the whole story for me. Furthermore, Travis and his family's reaction make it even worse. While I give the author credit for throwing in something bigger than your average love story, it may have been too big. My final major complaint is that I didn't like the glamorization of violence and the fight ring was also a little out of touch with reality for me. Maybe in terms of romance novels this is great, but to me I felt pretty blank when I finished reading.

Bottom Line: Not a terrible read and it's sure to entertain, but nothing life changing and you might feel like you wasted a lot of time when you finish. The only way to really enjoy this book is to imagine Mark Salling as Puck playing the role of Travis. ★★★/5 {really should be 2.5 but I'm thinking of Mark Salling as I rate this...}// By the way, I heard this just got picked up for a movie and if Mark Salling doesn't get cast as Travis I will be so surprised!

Love Unscripted by Tina Reber - {buy here} - This book started out really great to me, mostly because the storyline was right up my alley: While filming a movie in Rhode Island, Ryan Christensen, the Hollywood "It" celebrity, rushes into a bar while trying to escape a crazed group of fans and paparazzi. The bar owner, young, hip Taryn Mitchell, is not starstruck by Ryan and treats him like a regular person. Impressed by her not treating him differently, Ryan pursues Taryn and they develop a relationship unlike most: one with stalker fans, jealous co-stars and crazy paparazzi.

The first half of this book is great; not very deep but definitely entertaining. BUT THE BOOK IS ALMOST 700 PAGES!!! No book so superficial should EVER be almost 700 pages!! There comes a point where you don't even care about the characters anymore, especially with Taryn's growing complaints. While the characters are well written and likable, not nearly enough happens in this book to justify its length. It could have easily been condensed into 300 pages and I would have a much more favorable review. I think the worst part is that there's going to be a sequel. Oy!

Bottom Line: If you loved Beautiful Disaster you might love this one. Just be prepared to be bored out of your mind for monotonous chapters at a time. ★ ★/5 stars

Weekends Required by Sydney Landon - {buy here} - Never have I given a book that I've finished a 1 star review until today. I generally don't like to talk so bad about something, but this book is so ridiculous I laughed when I finished it. Literally laughed out loud. Claire has been Jason's assistant for 2 years, but it isn't until she jumps out of a cake at a bachelor party he is attending that he pays attention to her {her second job is in the party industry}. Once Jason takes notice of Claire, they awkwardly maneuver through an office romance that is fraut with doubts.

I was seduced by the great reviews on Amazon when I purchased this book (well, it was free through Amazon Prime thank goodness), and now I question the sanity of every person who gave this book 5-stars. While the premise is promising and cute, the writing is painfully boring. The author explains every emotion that we are supposed to be vicariously feeling through Claire and Jason; this only made me appreciate other books that don't have to spell it out for me because I experience enough through their writing. I also felt like this book was too rushed which allowed for very little depth and connection to the characters. The only thing I really enjoyed was sidekick Suzy, who is the main character of the next book in the Danvers series; but even she can't convince me to waste my time reading that one!

Bottom Line: Save your time and money. Really. ★ /5 stars

I don't mean to be mean when I rant about these books, but I write book reviews to help you find a book you'll enjoy and I felt like these were wastes of time. If you like really cheesy love stories, maybe these will be new favorites for you! And for the record, while I don't love the books, I totally respect the authors for writing a book at all, even if it's not one of my favorites.

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