Friday, September 28, 2012

Friday's Letters

Dear Tyler: Happy birthday weekend!! I'm excited to celebrate with you all weekend long!! I hope you have a great birthday and an incredible year! I know you don't like celebrating, but I do! Especially because for the next 3½ months I'm only 1 year older than you. :x hahahahah! Remember 2 years ago when we hadn't barely even known each other for a month and you invited me to your family birthday dinner and it freaked me out like woah? Yeah, I just want you to always remember that. HAHAHA.

Dear Book Lovers: My book review blog, The Book Barn, debuts on Monday!! EEEK! I have pretty much been ready for it for the last week or two, but I'm kind of OCD and "Monday, October 1" sounded like a better debut date than most others. The first book I'm reviewing is Graceling by Kristin Cashore and it's a book I couldn't stop typing about, so you don't want to miss it!

Dear Readers: I'm having my first little giveaway on the blog on Monday to celebrate my blog birthday in October and the debut of The Book Barn! Go follow The Book Barn on GFC or BlogLovin so you're ready to win on Monday! :)

Dear Mindy Kaling {as seen above along her book's spine lol}: So far, the new fall tv show I enjoy the most is The Mindy Project! I think it's especially because I enjoyed your book so much and think everyone should read it!




  1. oh...happy birthday weekend for Tyler!
    i'm going to The Book Barn now

  2. I'm such a book lover! can't wait to read your reviews and pick up some of the books you recommend :)

  3. i'm a cougar too.

    and your bf is a libra!!! libras are amazing so yay for you!

    and let's hope the chargers ravish the chiefs this weekend!


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