Friday, September 7, 2012

Friday's Letters

Dear Jesus: Thank you so much for taking care of me last weekend. I am so grateful that you meet my needs when I ask. I probably didn't even need to ask, but I'm glad I did because I think it helped me recognize the answered prayer. Thank you for being the father to the fatherless and for giving me the faith of a mustard seed.

Dear Knit Together By Love: I wrote you a letter a few weeks ago I think, and I never followed through on it. I feel like I have neglected you so much, but it's just been too hot to knit! I will need to work triple-time to reach my 12 by 2012 knitting goal, but I haven't given up on it, yet! I'm praying for the grace and energy to get back to what always makes my heart happy.

Dear Mom: Tomorrow is your birthday and I am so excited to celebrate! Here is where I want to tell everyone the funny story about getting your birthday present, but I'm afraid you will read my blog before you open it tomorrow, so I'll shut up now! I love you so much and hope this is the best birthday ever!!

Dear Readers: I hope you enjoyed this week's book reviews and if you're looking for a replacement for 50 Shades of Grey I hope you found it. If you aren't interested in 50 Shades of Grey, thanks for hanging in there with me this week anyway. I have some great non-scandalous books on the horizon that I'm excited to review along with some fun things in store for the book reviews on my blog.

Dear No Doubt: I know it will grow on me, but your new album makes me so sad right now. It sounds like all the reject songs that never made it on Gwen's solo album. There's only so many dumb dance cds I can defend. I'm starting to regret my Return of Saturn tattoo, but then I remember that that's the No Doubt I love and miss. On a contradictory note, I am so bummed I forgot about the presale for your string of LA concerts yesterday until after they sold out. You are welcome to send me free tickets in exchange for a blog post, just sayin'! ;)

Dear Music Lovers: My friend Peter just released a new album and I highly, HIGHLY recommend you check it out! I have said it before and I'll say it again: Peter could sing the phone book and it would be beautiful, what better thing to listen to than his own music. Peter is an incredible musician and an equally amazing guy. Support him here! His album is now available on iTunes, too!



  1. ha,,
    i think No Doubt should really read your note for them :)

  2. love that starbucks drink name!!

    new follower :)

    Have a happy Friday! Drop by and say hello!


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