Friday, September 21, 2012

Friday's Letters - Cheers for Friday!

Dear Readers: If you read my Twitter you know that I'm starting a book blog, The Book Barn! But I need your help: I really want to sponsor some blogs through The Book Barn to attract some new friends who like to read, but the book blogs I've found are either huge {i.e. $100/week sponsorships} or don't do sponsorships. Do you have a blog or know of any blogs that might want my book blog to sponsor them next month? Also, I would love it if you would go become a follower of my new blog! I'll be posting 1-2 book reviews per week and have hopes to start a Book Club link up once I get enough followers. It's going to be fun!!

Dear Space Shuttle Endeavor: We're all making plans to climb up on the roof at work to see you fly by in a little while, it's pretty surreal!! I plan to see you again at the California Science Center, but I really hope I get to see you today first!

Dear Fresno Family: I miss you guys so much already. You have no idea how bad I want to come visit again. If gas was still $2/gallon maybe I would visit tomorrow! haha!

Dear Work: I'd rather be driving to Fresno right now, but stopping at The Griffith Observatory to see Endeavor from there. You really put a cramp in Fridays, especially because nobody every calls to get quotes on Fridays. Although I will say, I bet some of the metal we sell is actually ON Endeavor so that's pretty cool.

I leave you with my nephew Broxton cheering for his sister's soccer game last weekend. It was intense. ;)

HAPPY FRIDAY!! Have a great weekend!!



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