Monday, September 17, 2012

A Weekend in Fresno

It's Monday morning and I am absolutely exhausted, but it was worth every minute of fun I had this weekend in Fresno visiting family! My only regret is that I left the battery of my DSLR at home {how does that even happen?!} so my phone and {bad} point-and-shoot pictures had to do! My mom, Tyler and I left OC around 3pm and made it to Fresno around 8. We spent Friday night playing with my niece and nephews and the new toys we brought (Berkeley's birthday was in July and we hadn't seen her for it). Berkeley even stayed up past 1am playing with us!!
Saturday morning we played some more...

Saturday afternoon was Berkeley's first soccer game and we were lucky to get to go watch her play. Four-year old soccer is extra cute!! The best though, was Broxton cheering for his big sister! He has such a deep little voice until he's screaming his cheers hahaha!
Broxton took this one, photographer in the making haha

After soccer we went shopping for Berkeley's first day of school outfit because today is her first day of preschool! Little girl clothes are so adorable and only cuter the smaller they are! :)

Once the kids went to sleep the adults had a fun time making margaritas and eating spumoni {we're multicultural, what can I say? hahaha}. Also, my brothers Jordan and Austin surprised us and drove up to Fresno from OC after they got off work. It was a full house, but I won't torture you with our blurry pictures during our margarita drinking! ;)

Sunday was bittersweet since we had to go home, but our big group of 7 adults and 3 kids definitely had to have a family meal at Sakura Chaya in Fresno before we all departed. I really wish they had this restaurant in southern California!
I hate this picture of me, but I love this picture because it was such a special little goodbye moment with Broxton. He is especially shy and didn't want me to hold him when we first got there. By the end of the trip we were buddies and there's nothing better than earning the love and trust of a little one! I sure love those kiddos!!
Saying goodbye is always really difficult, but we had so much fun with everyone that we can only look forward to next time with a smile!! 
BRAYDEN'S FACE!! hahahah! That's all I can say when I look at this picture!! :)



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