Thursday, August 9, 2012

Throwback Thursday {#2}

Did everyone have Celebrity Basketball fundraisers in high school? We had one every other year and they were a lot of fun. D-List celebrities would compete with each other and faculty in basketball and occasionally a celebrity slightly more famous would show up. Here are some of my favorites, some of which became more popular later. . . 

 Freshman year, me with Coolio - I look so scared, but he was really nice! 

Eddie Cibrian, now famous for his relationship with LeAnn Rimes {gaaaaag}

Jensen Ackles now of Supernatural 

My junior year of high school they advertised some of my favorite stars from that cheesy soap opera Passions {you know, the one with Timmy the talking doll!} along with one of the members of 2ge+her. But none of the B-listers advertised showed up because of one reason or another. I'm totally reasonable with that kind of thing, but ALL of the best celebs missing is pretty shady! Also, Alfonso Ribeiro (Carlton of Fresh Prince of Bel Air) was there and really rude to everyone so I wrote a professional yet pointed letter to the president of the Celebrity Basketball Team. Turns out the guy was really understanding of my frustration and not only hooked me up with 4 tickets & post-game party passes for the next game at a neighboring school, but he pulled me onto the court at halftime to meet James Hyde and Jesse Metcalf of Passions! Jesse apologized for missing my school's game because they had been "filming scenes in Hell" and it had taken longer than they anticipated. Talk about a fun experience!!

I look like such a dork, I was so excited!! HAHAHA!
A lot of my scans in this post suck, so here's my apology for poor photo quality!


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