Thursday, August 2, 2012

Throwback Thursday {#1}

I'm pretty frustrated because I finally got out of my funk and have a great tutorial for you on the best Bridal Shower gift you could ever imagine {ok, I'm building it up!}, but I lost misplaced the memory card on which I took all of the pictures! Instead I found the memory card used to store old pictures recently scanned and give you Throwback Thursday {honestly, I prefer "Flashback Friday", but it's all semantics, really}.

Me and my friend Sarah with our wristbands to be in Ricky Martin's "Shake Your Bon Bon" music video (1999). We were pretty obsessed with the local radio DJ Valentine (then with KIIS FM) and Sarah's mom was pretty obsessed with Ricky Martin, so we sweet talked Valentine into letting us be extras and he hooked us up! There's no way you can see us in that music video though, FYI {it was the concert scene}. 
 Me, Jenna and Richard, circa 1999 at Knott's Berry Farm. We were too young to understand that you should never take a picture from this angle.

My absolute favorite picture of me and Tim from Sugarcult. At this time (2002) I idolized him and I had this picture framed hahaha #dork! I really, really miss my hair like this (the photo scan makes it look lighter than it was).

It was so hard to weed through these pictures, so maybe this will be a recurring thing. Three Throwbacks on Thursday? Sounds like a plan!


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