Wednesday, August 8, 2012

The Fullerton Wedding

I was going to blog about Tyler's sister's wedding I went to over the weekend but then it dawned on me that I never blogged about Nicole & Shane's wedding which was back in oh, I don't know... April?! Since the main purpose of my blog is to preserve memories, I thought I'd mention that Nicole & Shane's wedding was amazing!!

I have been friends with Nicole & her Maid of Honor Samantha for close to a decade and these ladies have gotten me through SO MUCH. Nicole and I bonded over our love of music and have gone on 5 separate out-of-state trips to surprise our favorite bands (two across country). These girls incredibly special to me and I'm glad I got to stand by Nicole on her wedding day!
Samantha, Me and Nicole around 2005 supporting one of our favorite bands, as usual!
Nicole had 4 bridal showers and I went to 2: the family one & the friends one (she also had a work shower & another family shower).

Nicole & her bridesmaids at the Family Bridal Shower

Personalized wine glasses at the Friends Bridal Shower
Samantha & I worked together on a quiz about the couple and it was more difficult than we anticipated!
Mother of the Groom, the Bride, and {step} Mother of the Bride
Samantha's daughter Dahlilah came to the Friends Bridal Shower and we had a lot of fun with her!
Breaking Dahlilah into the self-taken group shots. Nicole, Samantha & I have about 3021272 of them.

On St. Patrick's Day weekend the bridal party + a few other ladies headed down to San Diego for a Bachelorette Weekend! Despite the rain, we had a ton of fun staying at Paradise Point Resort & Spa, hanging out in Old Town and hitting up the incredibly fun Lips Drag Bar!!
Getting ready to go out
The after party ;)
The wedding was on April 7 and the ceremony was held at Cal State Long Beach's beautiful Japanese Friendship Gardens. Nicole and Shane met at Cal State Fullerton so it was extra special. 

The reception was almost exactly a mile from my house, so convenient considering how spread out everything in southern California is!!
I made funny faces in some of these, but I look ridiculous so you don't need to see them! ;)
Ugh, why didn't I fix my necklace?! That will bug me forever!
The wedding was truly beautiful and I made a lot of friends throughout the experience! Thank you Nicole and Shane for letting me participate in your special day! I know you are going to have many decades of happy times together, I love you both! xoxo


  1. everyone looks beautiful at the wedding! how fun! so youre from fullerton?! im an OC blogger too! i live in san clemente! just wanted to say hello! love finding socal bloggers! xo Kelly


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