Tuesday, August 21, 2012

San Diego Super Chargers!

Last week my stepdad surprised Austin and I with tickets to the NFL preseason Cowboys @ Chargers game in San Diego! My brother is a die-hard Cowboys fan and I am a huge Chargers fan, so this was a seriously big deal for us!!

Austin was in Yosemite for a week and coming home on Saturday {as early as possible}, so while I waited for him I made this great sign and decorated my car for our 100 mile journey to Qualcomm Stadium.

Even though we left at 2:30pm, it took us FIVE AND A HALF HOURS to get into the stadium!! I lived in Oceanside for awhile and never has it taken me 3 hours to get there {Qualcomm is another 45 minutes or so past that in normal circumstances!}. The stop and go killed my right knee, oy!! And my brother slept most of the way! Hahahah jerk!

It actually took us four hours to get there {should have taken 90 minutes}, but parking was even worse than the drive there! ALL of the lots were closed and it took about 90 minutes for us to find a neighborhood to legally park in. I tried to get Austin to just go into the game without me, but he was a trooper and said all or none! ;) We had to park up a steep hill about 2 miles from the stadium {not joking!}, but we persevered and made it to our seats in the middle of the third quarter! Totally worth everything once we got into the stadium! TOTALLY WORTH IT ALL!!! The only downside was not getting to see our favorite quarterbacks play {since it was preseason and we missed their game time}, but we spotted them in the sidelines.

#9 Tony Romo getting interviewed
#17 Philip Rivers :)

I got into football when I lived in San Diego. The excitement over the Chargers was too infectious to resist and once I actually learned about the game, I came to really enjoy it! I'm not going to say I know anything close to everything and I can't hold my own around my brothers at all, but it's still enjoyable to me nonetheless. This was my second Chargers game and there is nothing like it! 

The view without my incredible zoom lens haha!
The Chargers were losing when we got there, but ended up stealing the game! I couldn't have been happier, even if it was just the preseason and the game didn't really count. Austin was a good sport for once {haha, jk Austin}.

I barely survived the hike up the hill we parked on, OY! Austin asked some tailgaters for water which was totally awesome. {to the people who gave Austin water - THANK YOU!!} We almost took a taxi back, but Austin is a great motivator and encouraged me to just do it! My legs still hurt 3 days later, but we did save $25 on parking/taxi {silver lining}. Even though it was late, there is absolutely no way I can go to San Diego and not stop by my favorite pizza place, Pizza Port! We dropped by the Carlsbad location for my favorite: Pizza Carlsbad {the name of the pizza, same as the name of the location}. Pesto, grilled chicken, sun dried tomatoes, feta cheese and artichoke hearts - best pizza in the whole world.

It was exhausting, but we looked at the day like an adventure which made it AMAZING! That's not to say I didn't whine, complain, and almost start crying while on the I-5 multiple times. As I already told him, if there is anyone in the whole world who I would want to go through that ordeal with it's my baby brother Austin! We make the best out of the worst together! GO CHARGERS!!


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