Wednesday, August 29, 2012

No Duh

In my world, every little girl wants to grow up to be just like Gwen Stefani. So in my opinion, No Doubt cover band front woman, "Spen Gjormani" aka Heather Lounsbury is kind of my idol for making that happen. No Duh is not just a No Doubt cover band, they're a No Doubt experience! {Be prepared for a photo overload!}

Last weekend they played at a local swap meet and I couldn't miss the opportunity to see them play 3 hour long sets! That's three hours of No Doubt... errr, well, No Duh! Once they start performing you almost don't know the difference!! They are so authentic to No Doubt's live performance, it's both hilarious and impressive...

No Duh's show is such a fun experience!! They replicate the sounds and stage presence of No Doubt so precisely and make fun of themselves in the process. Making light of Gwen Stefani and Tony Kanal's history, "Spen" and "Bony" {No Duh's bassist} banter back and forth throughout the set at times, especially playing on the relationship during their cover of "Don't Speak".

The band also recognizes Gwen Stefani's solo career with a mock breakup mid-set where "Spen" performs, "Hollaback Girl", "What You Waiting For" and "Sweet Escape". The band uses a lot of props and costumes to accompany their performance visually {yes, the band members dress up like sh*t and bananas...}.

I got an extra special experience with the bubbles they shoot during "Bathwater" when the bubble machine shot right into my face {that thing is powerful!}. Fortunately "Bony" saved the day and directed it toward "Spen" so I could breathe and take these awesome "bubble pictures".

This little machine is POWERFUL! ;)
One of my favorite parts of seeing No Duh perform live is that you get to hear songs you'll probably never hear No Doubt play; this show for example, "Stricken" and "Different People" were amongst my favorites. Their set also included covers of Sublime, Cyndi Lauper, Save Ferris and Lit among other artists. In the past I've seen No Duh cover Blondie to promote their other cover band, Blonde Day {who I have yet to see officially perform}. With the other covers, No Duh still performs in the style of No Doubt, so it truly feels like you're hearing No Doubt do a cover. As I explained to a friend: it's not every day you get to hear No Duh cover No Doubt cover Save Ferris cover Dixie and the Midnight Runners! ;)

I kind of felt silly taking so many pictures of No Duh because they're not No Doubt {I took 500, that's insane!} - but they are so photogenic and fun!! They even hammed it up for my camera at times! :)

This one kind of reminds me of a live picture I got of the real Gwen Stefani 5 years ago haha {it actually makes Spen look way better, too lol}. . .

If you ever get the chance to see No Duh perform live, I highly suggest you check them out! I'm hoping to go see them again in Lake Elsinore next month! While they're based in southern California, I've seen performances on their website for all over the country. Even if you're not the world's biggest No Doubt fan, I assure you that you'll enjoy yourself! Tyler went with me this time and he said he was highly entertained the whole time. And if you are a huge No Doubt fan, you have to check them out! This was my fourth time seeing them play and I'm blown away every time!!

And because you made it to the bottom of this post, here's a video I took of No Duh performing "Don't Speak" - that girl amazes me!


  1. SO cool! I grew up listening to and loving no doubt! I will have to check out a show sometime!

  2. I loved No Doubt so much and No Duh looks like a ridiculously fun time. And you're right...Everyone that's anyone wants to be Gwen Stefani :)



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