Monday, August 27, 2012

LA Day 2012

Every year I spend an entire day in LA with my friends Chris and Jesse. It all started 2 years ago when we went to LA and met Olivia Munn and decided to do all the things we had wanted to do while we were there.
Olivia Munn and me, one of her few "Lady Fans" - honestly I was just tagging along with the boys! ;)
Truth be told I'm in LA all the time, but usually I have a specific reason to be there. When Chris, Jesse and I go we make a list of things we want to do and explore and leisurely spend the day taking our time.

Me, Chris and Jesse
This year we went to the California Science Center and explored the rose gardens around the Science Center and Natural History Museum. There was a lot of hands-on fun, more than just looking at exhibits.

Then we had lunch at The Escondite {after an accidental detour through Skid Row!}, which was really good! After lunch we went and explored the famous Bradbury building, an architectural landmark in LA built in 1893. Truth be told, most of the places we explored in LA were because Chris and Jesse recognized them from the L.A. Noire video game lol.

The architecture inside the Bradbury Building was beautiful! I found out later that one of my favorite {and shortest running} tv shows, FlashForward, filmed an episode here!A lot of other movies and tv shows have also filmed in and around the building.

Across the street we saw the Million Dollar Theater, one of the first movie palaces in the United States opening in 1918. We didn't go inside, but appreciated the exterior. It's really beautiful!
Next we went on Angels Flight, the world's shortest incorporated railway, which I'll share more about tomorrow.

The last thing we did in Downtown was walk through the Grand Central Market, the largest and oldest open air market in Los Angeles. I'll admit, I'm a prissy Orange County girl and was not keen on making any purchases in the market.
After Downtown LA we drove around Hollywood, visited Golden Apple Comics and explored areas we where which we were much more familiar.

We finished our day in LA at Susina Bakery and Cafe where we put ourselves in sugar comas with cheesecake, chocolate cake and red velvet cake! We each got a slice and shared, but honestly we should have just shared one slice!! SO delicious!!

Are there any places in LA you've always wanted to explore? I'm taking ideas for LA Day 2013 now! :) 


  1. I've been in the Million Dollar Theatre before, it's actually pretty small but it definitely has some character. Next year you should check out The Last Remaining Seats. It's a film festival where they open up the historic theaters downtown and you can see classic flicks in them. I've been to quite a few and they're always fun.

  2. Those are beautiful pictures! I've been meaning to take a trip to Philadelphia with my friends. Maybe I'll make an official Philly day! It's an awesome idea :)


  3. Love those pictures Danielle :D I lived in southern California for a year, and lord do I miss it :( Loved your post and for a minute lived vicariously through you and your friends :) Hugs lady. totally_rachel


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