Friday, August 31, 2012

Friday's Letters

Dear Readers, I'm over at Carina's blog today sharing my Mama's Lasagna recipe so go check it out! If you don't already subscribe to Lovely Little Whimsy, you totally should because Carina's the best and I was so happy to sponsor her this month! :)

My mom helped me take the pictures and she had a LOT of fun with the props! :) Love her!
Dear Long Labor Day Weekend, I'm excited for 3 days off work but I'm a little nervous about you. You see, every year my paternal family has a big, fun Labor Day Beach Party but I'm choosing not to go this year because of some not-so-great stuff that happened this year. It's a painful decision, but it still hurts too much to handle seeing some of the people that will be there who were less than supportive and continue to act like life is the same. It's going to be hard not to go and have fun, but I'd rather stand up for what I believe in this way than not at all. I want to make special note that many of my cousins have been incredible and supportive, so I am continuously grateful for them and thank God every day for their love.

My cousin and I at the Beach party 3 years ago
Dear Jesus, Please give me strength for the above. I wrote a whole letter to the weekend and then knew I should just be writing to you. I know you have my little sister in your hands because you comfort me every single day when I worry about her and feel like I have failed. Thank you for filling in my blanks and the blanks of my siblings; you are our Heavenly Father who makes up for all the places our earthly father fails. Thank you.

Me with ALL of my siblings + my mom {not my baby sister's biological mom} 4 years ago
Dear August, No offense, but good riddance! I pray September brings cooler weather and that you take your unreasonably terrible humidity with you! This is southern California, so I know we're supposed to deal with a week or two of heat/humidity to understand what the rest of the country deals with ALL summer, but get lost! Bring on September, fall weather and coziness!

Dear People Who Love To Read Novels, I just finished reading What Alice Forgot and it was a really great read! It started out a little slow, but I'm convinced every woman should read it. It's about a lady who falls at the gym and forgets the last 10 years of her life. Because of her amnesia she's able to examine how dramatically her life has changed (for the worse!) in the last ten years and has an opportunity to do some damage control. It's a great reminder to look at the things we longed for in our youth but may now take for granted. I highly recommend it and plan to do a proper book review in the future! :)

I wish you all a fun, safe, and relaxing Labor Day Weekend! 


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