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Bridal Shower Gift: Basket of Firsts

In the last 3 years I have been in 3 weddings as a bridesmaid, 3 weddings in the pit crew, and attended 1 wedding as a guest. I have had my fair share of experience in all things wedding! By the time I went to my 3rd bridal shower I was feeling a little bit apathetic toward wedding registries. I know it's smart to stick to a registry, but when you see the same kitchen utensils, bath towels and bedding wedding after wedding, it tends to make a girl feel creatively paralyzed!! After reading some great ideas I really loved the Basket of Firsts: bottles of wine to celebrate the many memorable "firsts" as a married couple {first anniversary, first baby, first home, etc}. I've been seeing it pop up more and more since I started doing it and want to share with you today!

What You Need:
  • 4-6 bottles of wine, champagne and sparkling cider {depending on preference}
  • Box or basket large enough to hold all of the wine
  • Tags
  • Ribbon {wedding colors recommended}
  • Tissue paper
  • Optional decorations {I used wooden letters for my box}
1. Select which "firsts" you want the couple to celebrate
I have done baskets with 4 and baskets of 6. You can choose any events you want, but here are some ideas:
               First Anniversary               First Dinner Party              
               First Baby                         First Fight                      
               First New Year                  First Christmas
               First New Home                Make up your own idea!

For the Wine
You can choose bottles of wine that you know the couple enjoys or you can make this really fun and unique by selecting wines that match each "first". Here are some examples I have used {I bolded the ones I used for this tutorial's basket}:
I tend to do all of these firsts except First Christmas because white wine has a tendency to go bad. Because of this I usually buy red wines for this gift. {I am not very well versed in wine so don't take my word for it, white wine may work fine}.

2. Decorate your basket {optional}
I have made 4 of these Wine Basket of Firsts and each has looked completely different because I chose a different basket and/or way of decorating. It is possible to find authentic wine crates {I saw some on Craigslist for $10 actually!}, but the easiest thing to do instead is to pick up one of these white crates from your local craft store {in my case, JoAnn's}. It was already white washed for me. 

I added wooden letters and a wooden heart {R for Ryan, K for Kim} and used wood glue to mount them. Be forewarned: wood glue is ugly and stains. I was pretty mad at myself for how messy this got, but I suppose it adds homemade love. 

3. Make your tags & attach to each respective wine bottle with ribbon
While your box/crate/basket may be drying, make your tags. You can go as creative as you want with this. I keep it super simple by using these free printable tags from Martha Stewart Weddings.

I try to use the couple's wedding colors when choosing ribbon, but white is always a good color to use.

4. Line Your Basket or Crate
Take a few layers of tissue paper and line your crate; this serves two purposes: you can't see what the gift is through the slats and the shredded tissue won't fall out and make a mess. Next add the shredded tissue {I can always find this at my Dollar Tree}. This is an aesthetic way to keep the wine bottles from clanking around better than tissue paper alone.

5. Arrange your wine bottles in the basket
I like to gently wrap my wine bottles with a sheet or two of tissue paper for more protection. Be careful not to damage the tags when packing the wine bottles. Put your bottles in whatever order you want and fit them snugly into the shredded tissue for added support. This crate ideally holds 5 bottles but I was able to squeeze all 6 of mine in there.

There you have it: the best bridal shower gift I have ever given, a wine Basket of Firsts!

Some extra tips
  • To wrap this, just tape a few layers of tissue paper over the top, covering the wine bottles but leaving the handles on the crate accessible. This will be different for every type of basket/crate, but I have found that you don't need to wrap it like a regular present. It will also be far too heavy to put in a box. Don't stress, the gift will make up for the not-so-fancy wrap job. 
  • Include a poem or explanation if you want. I have done this different for every time I've given this gift. Once I wrote my own little poem for each bottle, another time I put an explanation tag on each bottle and the easiest way is to just write in your card, "I hope this gift helps you celebrate your favorite first moments as husband and wife." There are poems already pre-written online if you want to google them. 
  • Visit BevMo, especially during their 5¢ wine sale. You can buy the 5¢ bottle for future baskets, as a little something to bring to the bachelorette party, or to drink on your own! Also, BevMo is so much fun to browse when you're making this gift, the possibilities for wines are endless! 
  • Make sure the happy couple actually drinks wine before investing in this gift! For example, I am allergic to wine and would be kind of sad if I got this because I couldn't put it to good use! 
Here are some pictures of others I've made over the last few years . . .

I look like such a goof!

No matter how you make your Basket of Firsts it's bound to be a wonderful present because it's straight from the heart! With all the wedding planning it might be hard for the happy couple to plan for future celebrations and you're taking some of that off their hands. Just make sure you stick to the registry for the wedding present ;) !

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  1. OMG!!! I adore this idea. I just got married, and I wish someone would have thought of this for my bridal shower or even as a wedding gift. I guess I will have to use it at the next wedding I attend :D Thanks for sharing this!!! I found your blog from the whatever whenever hop, and am now a follower. Feel free to check out my blog at: totally_rachel

  2. Replies
    1. I'm really, really, REALLY glad you liked it, Kim!! <3

  3. Danielle...what a fabulous and personal idea! i can't wait to share it with my daughter...who will be a brides maid next winter. Thanks for sharing a great one!!

  4. i'm obsessed! this is seriously such an amazing idea :) thanks so much for sharing!
    p.s. i'm your newest follower :)

    xo brie

  5. stopping by from the link up. what a great idea! the tags are super cute, too! :)

  6. I am FREAKING out over this post! This is so my style!!!!!! I have to share this.... Thanks for linking up To Whimsy Wednesday!

    Smart! School {House}

  7. The way you have put this "basket of firsts" together is really lovely! Of all the other ones I've seen on the internet today, yours is my favorite. Also, the tutorial you've written is very helpful and thoughtful, so thank you!

    1. Thank you so much! That is such an amazing compliment!! If you have any questions about it, just let me know! :)

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  10. Wow!! I really loved this bridal shower basket. It looks fabulous. Want to have great something like this for my friend’s bridal shower that will soon take place at one of wedding venues. Surely she would love to have this fantastic gift.


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