Monday, August 13, 2012


On Saturday my 78 year old grandpa got baptized! 

He's gone through his whole life developing his own faith while he watched my faithful Catholic grandmother raise all four of their children never doubting God's presence; but he always said he was "too old" to be baptized. I'm glad he finally realized that Jesus will take him as he is where he's at! You better believe Grandpa had a crowd of friends and family surrounding him as he was reborn at Crystal Cove in Corona Del Mar.

My grandma even stood in the ocean with him wearing her Keds while he waited his turn {now that's adorable true love!}

You better believe Grandma was the proudest of all of us!

Congratulations, Grandpa! 

{linking up with Casey @ The Wiegands}


  1. How amazing! That last picture is worth a million words.

  2. That truly is..'adorable true love'!


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