Monday, August 20, 2012

Austin's Graduation

Before I get too far behind on blogging about real life events, I'd like to congratulate my baby brother Austin for graduating high school this past June!
We were all so proud of him, especially my mom, my sister Taylor and I. There was a time in our lives when Austin was just a little kid when he was the main man in our lives. He would hold us while we cried over heartbreaks and make us laugh when we were PMSing. The poor kid lived in a house full of girls for most of his adolescence so I give him total credit for graduating with honors despite all that stress! ;) He is a very special young man and I cannot imagine my life without him!
Congratulations, Austin Daniel! You've earned it!! 
Mom, Austin, Bob, Me & Taylor


  1. Such a loving tribute to your brother...and to all of you...well done my dear!


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