Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Angel's Flight

One of the more interesting things we did on LA Day was ride the Angel's Flight railway. For 50¢ each way you can ride the world's shortest incorporated railway. Originally this railway connected Hill Street and Olive Street (1901-1969) before it was relocated to its current location in the Bunker Hill District of Downtown Los Angeles. It's said that while this is the shortest railway, it's estimated to have carried more passengers per mile than any other railway in the world.
We purchased a souvenir round trip ticket and rode up and down. Once at the top there's not much to do beside explore some office buildings and corporate areas {not too busy on the weekend} and take in the exceptional views. I didn't take too many pictures at the top of Angel's Flight because I guess I'm spoiled with taking the view of all the buildings for granted! Oops!
I highly recommend taking a ride on the Angel's Flight if you ever get the opportunity because for $1 it's a neat little piece of history to experience!


  1. This is so cool. I'm a total history buff so I love everything vintage and historical. If I ever go to LA, I'm definitely checking it out.



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