Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Reflection of Goals

I feel like I've been kind of overloading on book reviews lately, but that has been a big part of what I've really been up to. I am still in a bit of a slump from earlier this year and it's been hard to work my way out of it and become happily productive. I'm doing a lot better and have been doing a lot of fun things lately, but I still haven't felt like appropriately documenting all the things I've been up to with my camera and my blog.  (As you can see with these photos, I am never too busy for Instagram!):

I rediscovered my 12 Goals in 2012 and must admit they look daunting now that August is approaching. Let me bring you up to date with my goals, progress and excuses:
  1. Maintain a memory jar & Captain's Log to preserve the memories of 2012 - I never made the memory jar at all! {how sad!} I have been keeping up to date with my Captain's Log though!
  2.  Knit/crochet 112 things (inspired by Minimalist Knitter) - I feel like I traded this one in for reading 112 books haha! Not really, but I estimate I have knit around 50 items. I hope that come fall I'll get back into the swing of things and catch up.
  3. Learn how to crochet - I tried and have failed! I may have to link this to #10.
  4. Learn how to use my DSLR camera on manual settings- Still an auto girl but my sister's boyfriend is a pro and has promised to help with this one.
  5. Reach a predetermined quarterly savings goal at the end of March, June, September and December. - Let's not go there. ALTHOUGH, while I haven't reached the predetermined goals, I am on track to meet the main goal at the end of the year thanks to some bonuses at work.
  6. Finish my 2010 scrapbook (yes, 2010) - I've kind of started organizing this. Kind of.
  7. Make a 2011 scrapbook (better late than never!) - See above.
  8. Run a 5k (I cannot believe I just typed that!) - HA! This was the greatest challenge when I made my goals and it's still the greatest challenge. My excuse: I'm pretty sure I need an asthma inhaler first.
  9. Finish my new niece or nephew's baby blanket before they're born - I failed this one. I had the panels knit, but the blanket wasn't finished. New goal: finish by the next time I see him!
  10. Take an actual class to learn something new - I haven't done this because it requires me to venture outside my comfort zone, but I'm hoping to do a crochet class.
  11. Travel out of state at least once - If I have to make a trek out to Vegas, I will. But I'd rather go somewhere much more random.
  12. Read a minimum of 1 book each month - This is the one goal I can be extremely proud of accomplishing already! I changed this goal to 30 books total because of the progress I was making and I just finished book #26 last night. I have fallen in love with reading again so much that I'm tempted to start a reading/book review blog. 
I'm actually kind of encouraged after looking over this list because I think I might be able to pull these off by the end of the year after all. With a little more focus (and a little less time spent reading) I just might regain my productivity and drive along with completing my goals!


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