Friday, July 13, 2012

Friday's Letters

Dear Readers: Do you like my recent addition of book reviews to the blog? Lately, reading books has been the best way for me to be entertained while saving money and not frying my brain with television so I figured it would be even more fruitful to incorporate this into blogging. I welcome your book suggestions and questions on anything I've read. You can also friend me on Good Reads
Dear Hollywood: I think you should hire me to work in the book-to-movie section of your entertainment industry. I would seriously be incredible as a creative consultant or something. I already have the first 10 minutes of the first 50 Shades of Grey movie all planned out in my head (casting, intro credits, music and all. I can make this thing tasteful, guys!), and you would be stupid not to use my ideas. Of course I have absolutely no experience, no street cred, no dues paid and I've got no references beyond my mom. But I'd be fabulous, I'm telling you!

Dear Berkeley: I'm sorry I can't come to your house to celebrate your 4th birthday this weekend! You are becoming a professional at making Auntie D feel bad and become desperate to try to fit the 4 hour drive between our houses into my inconveniently packed weekend. I also want to thank you for offering to call my boss and ask him if I can go to your house today instead of come in to work. You are a smart little cookie. Don't you ever change!
Credit goes to my sister-in-law. For the cute kid & the picture I "borrowed".
Dear Every Blog I Ever Read: I just discovered this week that for some crazy reason my blogger settings reverted back to "No-Reply" and I feel so bad! I think it had something to do with the whole google+ transition because I changed my settings when I first started blogging. Nonetheless, if I have made it impossible for you to reply to anything I've ever said, I apologize! Thanks to Jen @ Punky In The City for bringing it to my attention! :)

Dear Scale: I stepped on you for the first time in a few weeks and I almost started crying. It's back to eating as "clean" as I can and hitting the gym to try to force myself to like running. The hard part about changing my lifestyle is my discovery of Trader Joe's macarons in the frozen section (12 for $5!). The encouraging part about changing my lifestyle is that my gym is almost done building a brand spankin' new gym that will be finished in a month! I can't wait!
Dear Knit Together By Love: I suppose it makes sense that I have been neglecting you because who really wants to knit or receive knit goods in the summer time? But this hiatus is bad for my spirit and I need to get back in the groove to prep for the fall. I have been trying to knit baby blankets in panels and I think it's going to work great, but I am frustrated with the colors I've chosen and nothing seems to look right. I pledge to work this out next week and finish at least one of the three I have been working on!
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  1. hey girly thanks for the comment today! love your blog! new friend/follower! would love it if you became one of mine as well so i could find your bloggy again easier!


  2. New gym? That is awesome. It can make it easier to workout if it is a nice place. Thanks for stopping by today.

  3. New to the blog, Ill have to check out your book reviews, Im always looking for more to read!

  4. Your letter to Hollywood cracked me up! I think I'd hire you just on that alone! And mom as a reference is totally legit in my book!

    And as far as scales/eating and the gym goes. I'm with you gal! It's time to get back into shape. BUT running has never been my friend and I doubt it will ever be my friend. I swim and do spin instead!


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