Monday, July 30, 2012

Dear Monday

Dear Monday, You came much too quickly. You always do. I'm grateful that you provide me with another week, but we'd be much better friends if you didn't signify the end of my too-short weekends.


Dear Fiona Apple, Words are never enough to describe your performance. I almost didn't make it out to your show last night at the Palladium, but I'm so glad that I did! Your voice, your presence, your music and your connection to it create the most stunning performances. I'm lucky that last night was the fifth time I've seen you live, and you never ever fail to deliver the same incredible performance. Thank you for playing some of my favorites: "Paper Bag", "I Know", "Extraordinary Machine" and (especially!) "Get Gone"; girl, you are amazing. I'm only sad I didn't wait in line all day like I had planned and therefore have no real photos of my own to show for the night (besides that grainy picture from my phone below)!

Dear Summer (my dear friend and talented hair colorist, not the season), Thank you for making me a legit blonde again! Last night at Fiona Apple I rocked my new closer-to-platinum hair with some red lipstick and dark eyeliner. When the show got sweaty I threw it up and a girl said she dug my look and that it was very "Gwen-ish" -- best physical compliment anyone could ever give me even though I thought she was crazay! I couldn't have gotten it without you! ;) Thank you for fitting me into your schedule this weekend and for making "getting my hurr did" more than an enjoyable experience! I'm so glad that even if we don't see each other for awhile (years or months!) we reconnect automatically. Fortunately now we get to see each other whenever I need to get my hair done! ;)

Dear Readers, Is everyone still 50 Shades of Grey crazy? I read the books a few months ago and have read somewhat similar books since (more romantically similar, not so much erotically similar haha) and was thinking of doing a 50 Shades-esque book review week, does that sound like fun? Maybe we can even  turn it into a link up (i.e. post your 50 Shades book review, response to it, movie casting ideas, etc). I know the subject of the book is a little touchy and definitely not everyone's cup of tea, but for those of you who have read it, what do you think?

{found this on Facebook but don't know where it originated! Too funny though!}

Dear Week, Tyler's sister Kim is getting married on Saturday so let's make it an exceptionally smooth week for her! I'm not in the wedding and I already have my dress picked out so I'm much less stressed than usual during a Wedding Week. Here's to hoping everyone is stress free and has a fun time leading up to and on Kim & Ryan's big day!


  1. cute hair!!

    haha funny beauty and the beast pin :)

    i still have no desire to read 50 shades,to each their own!

    great blog you have!

  2. Your hair and you are BEAUTIFUL my dear ! Enjoyed the book review...and love...your celebrating your season...great tag line! I obviously believe that is what we all must do ....what ever season we find ourselves in!

  3. Just stumbled across your blog! I love your hair & I think getting a gwen look a like comment is amazing (i'm jealous!) and yes a 50 shades review would be fabulous (or books like that!)


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