Thursday, July 26, 2012

Book Reviews FAQ

Here's some information about my book reviews . . . 

Do you read physical books or do you use an e-reader device? 
While there is nothing like the feel of a real, physical book in my hands, I read on my Kindle Fire and I love it! It's extremely convenient to toss my Kindle into my purse and not have to worry about ruffling pages or a bookmark slipping out. I was very skeptical about using an e-reader, but now I can't imagine living without it! If you have any questions about the Kindle Fire, I'm happy to answer them and help you decide if it's right for you!

How do you choose the books you are going to read/review? 
The books I read and review are 100% my choice and I pick them based on what I feel like reading. The only thing that may affect what I read is the availability of a book through the library. I only review books that I want to review and if they are sponsored, I will make note of it. 

Where do you get the e-books that you read? 
A lot of the books I read I check out through my local library via OverDrive. Not a lot of people know about this service and it makes owning an e-reader even more convenient than you'd think! I am also an Amazon Prime member so I have access to 1 book each month from the Amazon Lending Library. Everything else I purchase through Amazon. I understand you can also virtually borrow books from friends through Amazon, but I haven't tried this yet. 

What are your favorite kind of books to read? What are your favorite books?
I almost exclusively read fiction with the exception of memoirs. I love contemporary American fiction and Victorian novels, but I'm also a sucker for chick-lit and the occasional romance novel (if it's a good one and not too cheesy!). I wouldn't call myself a big sci-fi fan, but my absolute favorite books include both the Harry Potter and The Hunger Games series. Similarly, I have been more impressed by Young Adult fiction recently. Other favorite books include White Oleander (Janet Fitch), Middlesex (Jeffrey Eugenides) and The Woman In White (Wilkie Collins).

Recommend a book to me!
Here are some that aren't too obvious (i.e. you should have already read The Great Gatsby):  Do you want to laugh?  Is Everyone Hanging Out Without Me? (Mindy Kaling). Do you want to be moved? The Five People You Meet In Heaven (Mitch Albom), The Boy in the Striped Pyjamas (John Boyne). Do you want to swoon without feeling too guilty about swooning? Faking It (Elisa Lorello), The Marriage Pact (M.J. Pullen). Do you want just a solid good book? White Oleander (Janet Fitch), Middlesex (Jeffrey Eugenides), or She's Come Undone (Wally Lamb). And if you haven't read the Harry Potter series or The Hunger Games trilogy, stop what you're doing and start reading those now! You can see other books I've enjoyed on my Good Reads account, or just ask!

Will you read and review my book? 
Sure, I would love to! Just email me and we'll work out the details. 

All of the opinions expressed in my book reviews are completely my own. All book reviews are property of me, all books and characters are property of their respective authors. I also post my reviews on Amazon.  

If you have any other questions, please don't hesitate to ask!


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