Thursday, May 10, 2012


I've been in a funk the last month or so. I suppose I have good reason, but that doesn't make it any easier and it doesn't make my company any more enjoyable. I have chosen to cope with this funk the same way I learned in elementary school: by escaping reality with a good (or sometimes just plain entertaining) book. Reading is a good habit, right? Yes... until it becomes your crutch. I have conveniently slipped out of real life in exchange for pretend stories and slipping out of real life means not really participating with the people who love me.

I am thankful today that they are patient and love me still.
Tyler surprised me on Saturday big time. He said he was taking me out to dinner but wouldn't tell me where. When he started heading south on the 5 freeway and reached a certain point I realized he was taking me to Pizza Port, my favorite pizza place (I keep complaining they need to open one further north so we don't have to drive 45 minutes!). The problem with Tyler taking me to Pizza Port was that it was already 6:30pm and he had to be on the road for work by 9pm. So I started to tell him that we shouldn't go there because we wouldn't have enough time to enjoy it and then he gave me surprise #2: he didn't have to go into work that night. And surprise #3: Or any other Saturday night because his schedule finally got changed and now he doesn't have to work on Friday & Saturday nights. WHAT?! And let's not forget surprise #4: he booked us a hotel in San Clemente so we could enjoy a nice little mini-getaway to celebrate!
So, I don't think I've complained enough on this blog that you understand how big this is. Nine long months ago Tyler got a new position at work which was great! But he had to start with the worst schedule working the graveyard shift and work an opposite schedule from mine for what we thought was no more than 3 months; his weekends were Tuesday through Thursday while mine are the typical Saturday & Sunday. It has been a huge strain on our relationship to not get to see each other as often + not be able to plan as many fun things on weekends. I think we finally started to get used to it (i.e. I stopped kicking and screaming about it) and of course, that's when everything shifted to this! I couldn't be more excited to get my boyfriend back!!
We had a nice relaxing time in San Clemente. I didn't bring my real camera because I didn't know I was going (Tyler snuck into my house and packed an overnight bag for me and everything!!), so the pictures you see are from my phone. Tyler had been planning this for weeks and said he even accidentally slipped a few times and thought I knew what was going on. I had NO idea but I think I should have. If I hadn't started ignoring reality completely then I probably would have picked up on the signs immediately and figured it all out. I guess for Tyler's sake it's good that I didn't because he was pretty darn pleased that he pulled everything off! We had such a nice time and I am so blessed to have him!
I am incredibly thankful that even during a low time I know that God is going to supply my needs to me. He may know I'm not ready for the real world yet and not ready to come out of this shelter I've built around myself, but he has my steps numbered and he knows what I need and who needs to be in my life to give it to me. I'm thankful for Tyler and his patient heart. I am thankful that I have a boyfriend who will plan such a sweet retreat for us to surprise me, even when I've been so blah lately. I'm thankful that I'm feeling thankful again because I think that's the first step toward getting out of this funk!

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