Friday, May 11, 2012

Inspiring Blog Moms

I think more than half of the blogs I read daily are by moms that blog, which is interesting because I don't have kids and I'm not even married yet. But I still gravitate toward these women who share their lives and love for their children because they inspire me and bring me joy in very special ways.

In celebration of Mother's Day this weekend I want to share with you the blogging mamas who most inspire me everyday. I am humbled by their love for Jesus, captivated by the way they cultivate their families and I am in awe of their creativity. If you don't read these blogs, I suggest you do!


take heart Photobucket
Under the Sycamore                               Tamera Beardsley

{By the way, Tamera is going to be at Unique LA this weekend, so if you're going make sure to go say hi to her at booth 123! I wish I could go!!}

Happy Mothers Day to all the blogging mamas out there!!


  1. danielle, you're the sweetest! i am humbled by the company you put me in :)
    love you!

    1. Happy Mother's Day!! You truly inspire me and I just wanted you to know! :) Enjoy your silent retreat!! xo

  2. Oh Danielle, I just got back from LA and was checking up on things...and I saw your wonderful made me tear to be included in such a line made my night! much love back to you my dear!!!

    1. You are so inspiring and I hope you had a wonderful Mother's Day! xoxo


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