Sunday, May 13, 2012

Happy Mother's Day, Mom!

I'm pretty sure the picture above sums up how cool my mom is. This was the last shot in a family photo shoot and she let us raid the prop closet to act all silly instead of forcing us into one more perfectly staged pose. I think it was one of the best shots of the whole session! (Come to think of it, she also let us do a cheerleader pyramid pose, so that was pretty sweet, too...).

Bottom line: My mom is the best. She's funny and silly but she's also got a heart that's so big it doesn't logically fit inside her tiny body. We have had our history of friction, but we always work things out and love each other more because of it. These past few months I have been especially lucky to have her as my mom because, like most great moms, she always knows exactly what to say or do to make everything okay - even when it seems like it never will be okay again.

The biggest thing my mom has ever taught me was to love. In our family I promise you we can fight, argue and disagree like the best of them (probably better, to be honest). But when it comes to loving each other and sticking up for your family, my mom has taught me to love harder and more fiercely than most. This is a quality I have learned to appreciate more than ever this year and realized I have taken for granted (I thought everyone knew how to do that automatically. I guess not). 

Thank you for everything, Mom! I love you and hope you have a wonderful Mother's Day!


  1. I LOVE this. I hope you are well my friend. xoxo

  2. Are you kidding me LaLa???? I am crying and speechless!!! I had NO idea you blogged me on Mother's Day and I am sooooo very touched! (you must have been wondering If I was ever going to chek out your Blog... heehee) I love you so very much Danielle, from the moment I knew you were growing in me I started loving you and my LOVE and AWE for you just keeps on growing and growing! I love our family pic, especially THAT one!! LOL I love the memories even greater =) We are all so blessed to have eachother to laugh with, disagree with, agree with, disagree again with, play with, to pray with, eat with and LOVE!!! Thank you Danielle, I love being your Mommy!!!


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