Friday, April 13, 2012

Thank You

After my post last week about my sister I was overwhelmed with love and support from people in every area of my life. I received prayers, calls, text messages, emails, comments, tweets, and hugs from best friends, distant friends, dear family, college friends, work friends, family friends, Facebook friends, Twitter friends, and of course - dear, sweet blog friends who have shown so much love to me even though they only know me through my posts. The words THANK YOU do not seem adequate, but please know that if it were not for all of you lifting me up last week, I would not have made it through. I still don't have contact with my sister, but I do have a better understanding of where she is and who she is with. Even though I'm in almost the same position I was in a week ago, I am stronger knowing God is protecting her and so many amazing people are lifting her up in prayer.

Last Thursday my dad posted a public response letter on my Facebook wall to my attempts at making contact with my sister. It was hurtful, to say the least. It contained blatant lies about me, it was mean, spiteful, and slanderous. It was absolutely unnecessary given the circumstances, given that he abandoned one of his children and has given me cause to be a crazy, angry, frantic "Mama Bear" (as Tyler has called me in this situation). I did not respond to him in length because I knew that was what he wanted, but I am very tempted to write a public line-by-line response on my blog. I just don't know that it would make any difference in the world.

I will say, that even though I did not fight back (much) on Facebook to my dad's disgusting display, my friends did. I have never felt more protected in all my life and my sobs of pain from my dad's words turned into tears of overwhelming gratitude to the friends who fought for me. I cannot say thank you enough to the friends that stepped in during one of the most painful moments of my life: Sarah, Margaret, Daniele, Hannah, Jenna, Laura, Denise, Colleen, David, and Nicole - thank you for standing up for me and defending who I am as a person. Over a week later I am still crying over how blessed I am to be surrounded by these people.
At this time I still have not been in contact with my sister, Morgan. The contact number I have has not returned my phone calls or text messages and I can strongly assume that my dad has slandered my name so much with this caretaker that it will not be a route that gets me any answers. My dad says that Morgan is with a family that she chose to be with and that they are in the process of legally gaining the rights to my sister. I can't trust a shred of what my dad says, but I can trust that my Heavenly Father has my sister taken care of and is going to use all of this to make her a better person. I have to depend on Him and not on my own emotions.

I cannot say it enough: Thank you for your support and prayers! If you have an amazing father on earth who reflects the love and care of God the Father, please go and hug him for me this weekend! Tell him how amazing he is and how much you appreciate him!


  1. Danielle thank you for the and your family have been on my heart. Sending you much love my dear. You are in my prayers.


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