Thursday, April 19, 2012

Awkward & Awesome Thursday

I feel a lighter tone is needed these days over here after my heavy recent posts, so I'm inching my way toward that. Fortunately there has been a lot more awesome this past week which is nice. I think I dealt with enough non-awesome stuff this month to cover the rest of the year! Thank you again for all of your support these days - I always feel like those words are inadequate but they are sincere. Thank you.

  • When you go to MAC Cosmetics to get your makeup done for a wedding and they spend an hour making you look half-done. Thank goodness I never go to weddings without my makeup bag and did damage control as best I could. Side note: I have gotten my makeup done at MAC plenty of times and have always LOVED it, not sure what happened this time.
  • My guiltiest pleasure right now: the Fifty Shades of Grey trilogy. I cannot believe I am admitting in public that I am reading these books and it will make sense why it's awkward and a guilty pleasure if you ever read them yourselves. It's just so cheesy & embarrassing but so addicting! Damn you, Christian Grey!
  • Pretty much gaining all the weight I lost in March! Okay, this is more sad than awkward. In my defense, I'm just so excited I fit in my bridesmaid dress for Nicole's wedding and it's behind me so I don't have to worry about reaching a specific weight/body goal anymore right now.
  • My baby brother is going to be graduating high school in 2 months. This is surreal and bittersweet because he will always be my little baby brother. Awkward considering he's at least a foot taller than me. 

  • Being able to sit around and have a serious conversation with Tyler (my boyfriend) and Austin about where the geographical locations of the districts in The Hunger Games are. We really got quite into it and it was a lot of fun. Nerdy, but fun! I love that they both are able to carry conversations beyond which baseball team is in the lead and what the best new video game is (they can talk about those things, too, but still!). They are awesome. 
  • The new craze: blueberry donuts with lemon glaze! Tyler and I found this great donut shop in Huntington Beach that carries them along with red velvet donuts. Save your time and jump straight to the blueberry-lemon because the red velvet was underwhelming. (The Donuttery in HB
  • The Groundlings Theatre and School, I cannot stress how awesome this place is! A lot of famous comedians got their start here and I love their improv nights on Wednesdays and Thursdays. Last night was my fourth time going and I just wish I could live here. Tyler took me the day all the really bad stuff happened with my dad and the insane laughter I experienced at Groundlings was a sure fire cure for feeling terrible. Laughter truly is the best medicine and this place proves it! If you live in LA or ever come to visit, definitely go here! I will take you!

 Awkward AND Awesome
  • Going to Groundlings' "The Crazy Uncle Joe Show" last night with Tyler & Frances because Jerry Trainor performed as a guest with the regular group. Awkward and awesome on so many levels, guys! There are the obvious awesome things: Groundlings (as read above), a night out with Tyler and Frances (always nice), and ummm... Jerry freaking Trainor (I love him more than most non-preteens should. You may know him as Spencer on iCarly...). 
But I'm sure you see the conflict of interest here: my biggest "celebrity crush", if you will + my boyfriend in a reasonably small space together muahahaha! I had to hold myself back from giddiness when Jerry took the stage, HA! This isn't the first time Frances and I have gone to see Jerry perform with The Groundlings (third, actually), nor was it the first time I've seen Jerry in person (there was the time I literally bowed to him at the Nickelodeon Kid's Choice Awards... yeah....that...), but it was still awkwardly awesome to experience my school girl excitement with Tyler beside me. For the record: Tyler had fun and said he really likes Jerry as a comedian, despite his irritation. Hahahahaha... best night ever. I'm still glowing, thanks Jerry!

My only complaint about Groundlings is that it's not photo-friendly (no flash allowed + it's just weird to bust out a camera here), but I managed these. The last is cropped and blurred for your viewing pleasure. And mine. LOL.


  1. Lovely your LA insights!

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  3. Okay I want a blueberry doughnut with glaze! YUM!

  4. I was just coming by to check up on you, I'm so glad you are able to be positive and have some fun times right now! Those doughnuts look absolutely delish, and Huntington is one of my favorite beaches! I've only been once, but ya know :) It was that good!


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