Saturday, March 17, 2012

Valentine's Day Mini Getaway

Valentine's Day was over a month ago, but I still want to tell you all about the nice little mini getaway Tyler and I had in San Diego! Mid-January to mid-February was a difficult period for both of us, so Valentine's Day seemed like a great time to regroup and reconnect ourselves to each other. I took February 15th off of work and we headed down to San Diego for an impromptu mini vacation.

We stayed at the Dana Hotel & Marina in Mission Beach and it was fantastic! We checked in at 11:45pm (I told you it was impromptu!) and since it was mid-week in the winter we got a great rate for an extremely nice hotel! Everyone should vacation in winter, I'm telling ya! We had a marina view, and it was beautiful! We walked around the marina at night and in the morning.

Our view

The day after Valentine's Day we walked around the Junipero Serra Museum (although it was closed) and then had fun walking around Old Town San Diego, eating Mexican food for lunch.

On our way home, even though we weren't hungry at all, we picked up a pizza from Pizza Port in Carlsbad for dinner because it's my absolute favorite pizza in the whole world (the Pizza Carlsbad at Pizza Port, try it!). I used to live in Oceanside and this place is really special to me! We also stopped at McDonalds on Oceanside Blvd to get my favorite Diet Coke. YES. I have a favorite Diet Coke and it's amazing (the syrup-to-carbonation ratio is perfect!).

Me braving the rain for my favorite Diet Coke HAHA!
Overall, this little trip was exactly what Tyler and I needed: a getaway not too big but better than just hanging out at home. Funny enough, I'm going back to San Diego (including Old Town & Mission Bay) for Nicole's bachelorette party this weekend! I hope not to post about that a month later.. ;)


  1. I lived in Carlsbad for 3 years and now I live in Encinitas :-) Pizza Port is the world's BEST pizza!!!


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