Friday, March 30, 2012

Modern Family PaleyFest Panel

Disclaimer: I didn't tag my pictures. I know, shame on me. But if you feel the need to use them for anything, please link back to me. Thanks!

The day after the Mad Men panel, my friend Taylore and I went to the Modern Family PaleyFest Panel. We were joined by our friend Frances, her friend Mikey, and Taylore's friend Aimee. As I mentioned yesterday, we got there super early and sat in the 6th row - woo hoo!
We got to watch a never-before-seen rough episode of Modern Family at the beginning of the panel ("Election Day" airing April 4th) and it was hilarious (as expected)! Then the cast came out and we got to listen to them talk about their experiences on the show, the past season, upcoming episodes, etc. It was truly a LOT of fun because the cast is so hilarious and enjoyable to listen to, especially my current tv idol Julie Bowen! Love her and would do anything to have arms like hers. Except diet and exercise. ;) lol.
Also, remember how I was bragging about my amazing camera lens my cousin gave me that I used at the Mad Men panel? I am pretty sure it was so big that some of the cast thought I was insane because they look right at my camera a few times. . . haha!
 Switched to the normal lens. Woah. lol.
 Some kids asked Julie to sign their homework for them. So awesome!!
 At one point our own Mikey (Frances' friend) got to ask the cast a question! It was SO AWESOME! Eric Stonestreet and Mikey had the greatest exchange and I could not have been more excited to snap a picture of Mikey on the big screen when it happened! :) One day maybe I will have the guts to ask a question at a panel!
At the end we rushed the stage and it was SO much crazier than at the Mad Men panel!! I got the the front easily though and Julie stole my Sharpie. She's totally allowed to steal anything from me though. ha!
It was SUCH a fun night, and a Modern Family filled day if you factor in our lurking! ;) I think this was one of my favorite PaleyFest panels I've ever been to! If you don't already watch Modern Family, I highly recommend that you start! And if you ever get the chance to attend PaleyFest for any of your favorite tv shows, GO! :)


  1. Oh my gosh, I LOVE this show, this would have been a BLAST!


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