Friday, March 16, 2012

Knit Together By Love Update

I know a ton of my readers are huge supporters of my prayer ministry, Knit Together By Love, so I feel like it's very important to update you on how things have been going with my ministry more than with any other area of my life.

Some of our Craft Hope Hats
Toward the end of January I heard about Craft Hope's Littlest Warriors Project thanks to a great post by Ashley at Under the Sycamore. This project was so in line with what my ministry is about so I set a goal for myself: I would try to make 30 hats in 6 weeks and collect 20 donated hats (which I would make myself if the donations did not come in). Well, we made it! With the special help of my mom & sister especially (who I taught how to loom knit for this project alone!), I collected 20 donations and finished my 30 hats right in the nick of time! To add to the blessing, my boss shipped the box of 50 hats via UPS as his contribution to my ministry (I was stressing out about how much I would have to expedite this huge, heavy box! He was an answer to prayer!). Our experience knitting together to meet this goal was so special and brought my family even closer together than we already were! I can't stress enough how powerful God works when you let him work through you.

For my sister's 20th birthday she decided to have a Knit Night in lieu of a birthday party :)
Our tally board and our box of 50 hats!
A special, formal thank you to my mom Susie (knit and donated more than 10 hats!), my sister Taylor, Taylor's boyfriend Isaiah, my cousin Wendy, and my auntie Margaret - all who made the 20 hat donation possible!! I also want to thank my boss Ron for shipping the box for us, making it get to Minnesota for the Craft Hope deadline! I want to thank my brothers Austin & Jordan and stepdad Bob for making us laugh through our last marathon night of knitting (it's still not a contest, Jordan! HAHA!). And last but certainly not least, thank you to everyone who prayed for us during this challenge we set for ourselves; your prayers propelled us through it and helped us reach our goal! THANK YOU!! 

Ready to ship off (with my new letterhead from Ahoy Graphics)!
Now, I'll be honest: this project took a lot of time and now I am all knitted out! I am taking a slight break from knitting, but that doesn't mean I won't pick up my loom if God asks me to. He knew where I would be though, which is why I think he blessed me with my cousin Wendy who sent me some special knit items (scarves, hats, baby booties, a shawl) to keep on hand in case a special situation arises where I need to gift someone sooner than I have time to knit. This "inventory", if you will, has been such a huge blessing!!! I was able to help a friend whose grandmother was passing away and gift a scarf to my boss's daughter who was facing a trial. It's just another instance where God has provided for my ministry in ways that were beyond my capacity. If I would made my friend's prayer shawl myself I would have never met my Craft Hope Project goal. If I would have made my boss's daughter's scarf myself it would have never gotten to her in time to make the greatest impact in Jesus' name. God's timing is perfect and praise Him that he can provide us with the godly people in our lives who help us when we need it. I can't stress how lucky I am to have such generous help from my cousin Wendy and that she believes in my ministry so much!!

Shawl made by my cousin Wendy
I have a few things I am thinking and praying about in terms of future projects and I'm excited to share those with you as they evolve. As always, thank you for your prayerful support of my ministry! xo


  1. Congratulations Danielle! What an achievement!

    Your blog looks beautiful!


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