Tuesday, February 7, 2012


Sadly, my work computer was infected by a nasty Trojan somehow and everything was essentially wiped out. It's likely that our IT company can recover most things, but since my computer was a dinosaur already, my boss just said we'll get a new one.

Aside from the sob story over how I very naively didn't back any of my personal stuff up (I'm terrified to realize how many photos were saved to my work computer that weren't saved to my home computer!), I'm afraid to do any blogging at work this week lest I find the bugs came from the blog world. I'm most likely being overly paranoid, but I also don't want to get in trouble for my multi-tasking! ;)

It's possible that this is really a blessing in disguise and that God is trying to get me to focus on simplifying this week. It's what I have been meaning to do. A lot is going on in my life, a lot that isn't quite bloggable (I love making up words!). I need to really use this time to regroup and I thank you for reading!


  1. Sorry to hear of your 'loss", but I know from first hand experience, regrouping can be a very powerful journey...good luck and I look forward to reading about it upon your return.

  2. Oh no at your computer having a meltdown! :O

    I hope you enjoy your time away from the computer and blogging for a bit! :)

    Just dropping by from #FF. :)


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