Thursday, February 2, 2012

My Amazing Cousin

Today I want to tell you a little bit about my cousin, Wendy, because she is absolutely, positively incredible!


I was born when Wendy was a senior in high school, so she's kind of like my big sister (we totally look like sisters, too!). I remember for my 16th birthday she gave me a "Sweet 16" necklace and I treasured that thing like you wouldn't believe! I always carried it with me, even if I wasn't wearing it. Well, (and Wendy, I don't think you know this story because I've always been so sad about it), a few years later my makeup bag and wallet were stolen out of my purse at school and my special necklace was in my makeup bag. I was devastated. I cried to my mom who replaced my makeup for me, but couldn't replace the necklace even if she tried because of how special it was being from Wendy. I am still sad about it about a decade later!

And the love doesn't stop at a treasured piece of jewelry- Wendy has given so much time, love, prayer and a special relationship that I am so lucky and blessed to have! We live more than 400 miles away, yet I feel closer to Wendy than I do to many of my friends and family who are nearby. She has been the biggest cheerleader of my prayer ministry, Knit Together By Love. She has encouraged me every step of the way and is now crocheting special pieces to donate to the ministry!! I can't even articulate how I feel about her help and her love. I feel like I owe her big time, but she is so incredible in assuring me not to feel that way.


Recently she crocheted a beautiful scarf for Carina at A Punk, A Pumpkin and A Peanut which you can read about here. We were both so touched by Carina's love for the Lord, her strength through the process of adoption, her Bakin' it to the Streets movement, everything about her!
For Knit Together By Love, we really pray for direction about who God wants us to create something for; it's not that one person deserves anything more than another, but we want to be led by the Lord because He knows who needs what more than we do. I'm so glad that Wendy listened to her heart when knitting for Carina because based on Carina's post, it sounds like exactly what she needed! :)

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So not only has Wendy donated a whole bunch of beautiful crocheted pieces, but they are far more gorgeous than anything I make because she really crochets!! After trying to crochet for an hour last week, I bow to her talent!! :) Last year she surprised me and made me a beautiful crocheted afghan and I could not have asked for anything more perfect for my bed!
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Wendy, I just want to say THANK YOU! You are so special to me and I don't know what I would do without you! I have been so blessed by our relationship and I love you!!


  1. This is such a sweet post!! She sounds amazing and you guys are so lucky to have one another!

    Jayme & Mendi @ Her Late Night Cravings

  2. Thank you for your SWEET comment on my bloggy :)
    I am so happy to have him home for Valentine's Day this year!

    Also- it sounds like you and your cousin have an amazing relationship!!
    And she is SO TALENTED! I am loviiiinnnnngg that blanket.. it's in my favorite color ever :)
    Looks great on your bed!!

  3. I Love that iron bed, oh my gosh! i've been looking for one just like it for out guest room! Gorgeous linens!

    xo. Britt


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