Monday, January 23, 2012

Loom Knitting Q & A

First let me start by acknowledging how upset I am that Picnik is closing! UGH! I am so bummed out! Does anyone have any recommendations for a similar web based photo editing program? Preferably free or in the same price range as Picnik? (I do take my hat off to Picnik for offering a full refund for paid versions!) I guess it's time to open my Photoshop Elements I bought on Black Friday, maybe even learn to use it . . .

Last night I tried my hand at crochet for the first time and let me say: you crochet people are talented! I kid you not, I was almost in tears. My tears quickly turned to anger and I wanted to chuck my crochet hook across my room!! It's not smart that they make those things so similar to a weapon (or is it?)! There was no amount of YouTube videos that could help this girl.

Uploaded from the Photobucket iPhone App

Lately I have received a lot of comments and emails telling me either that I am super talented for my knitting or asking what the heck that loom thing I use entails. Let me tell you: I am not all that specially talented because that loom thing makes knitting life EASY!


All of the interest in the looms makes me want to address your questions directly so I'm planning on a Q&A post next week with anything you may want to know about loom knitting, my ministry, and anything I can do to help you. Just leave a comment or shoot me an email with your questions and I will address them next week.


And if you can't wait to learn about loom knitting, don't forget the tutorial I did on loom knitting a basic, brimless cap {here}. Would you be interested in a scarf tutorial soon, too?


  1. You know I've always wanted to try a loom! I'll have to check your post out!
    Thanks for your comment on my move announcement! God does always, without fail come through! So thankful for His perfect timing!
    I'm not familiar with bloglovin...I really want to follow you I'll have to figure it out but I will, promise!
    Have a great week!


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