Thursday, January 19, 2012

Interior Design Attempts

This post is a lot of words to basically say I have big home design ideas and don't really execute them well. And when I fail to execute them, I'm too lazy to undo them. So the pictures below are the travesty that is now in my room.

---------- Now, here's the post! -----------

My mom should have been an interior designer. She can turn a super shabby space and make it stylish on a tight budget. Growing up, our home always looked stylishly comfortable. It was no secret that 5 kids & 1 parent lived in our tiny house, but that didn't mean design had to suffer! I seriously cried when we moved into the house I practically grew up in, but my mom turned the dingy little place into a home. I'm glad my mom now lives in a contemporary chic home that doesn't take much effort to look nice; she deserves it after years of showing off her creativity and stretching her budget!

Anyways, unfortunately I did not obtain the interior design gene. I can tell you what looks good and what does not look good; what looks tacky and what looks beautiful... most people can. What I lack is the ability to see potential, actually act on my ideas or create loveliness out of nothing like my mom.

Let's take my house. I live in a studio that is more spacious than most, but it's still a studio nonetheless. I adore glam shabby chic (as I call it) and have slowly furnished & decorated my home to reflect this love. For the most part I've done a decent job, but there are times when I have ideas that just do not come to fruition like my mom's ideas!

I purchased an amazing bed crown at a shabby chic boutique (for CHEAP) but have been terrified to mount it. It's heavy metal and will undoubtedly kill or come close to killing someone if it falls and lands on them. So I haven't hung it over my bed for obvious reasons; I mostly don't trust my abilities to hang it, but would trust someone else maybe. *Um, HELLO MOM - this is your hint!*

Somehow this turned into me getting an idea to hang sheer curtains over my bed to make it look like a window over my bed. This may have been better if my headboard was straight across No, this was just dumb. About a year ago this is what I did:

Disclaimer: don't mind that tape on the wall! It has been there covering a hole since I moved in! [Thanks, landlord!]. Also, my walls are way too white and have the desire to be painted warmer!

So this looks really dumb, I know that. But like I said above: I get these ideas and then don't complete them. Or if I don't like them I am too lazy to change them right away. So this really dumb curtain thing hung like that for a year. I forgot to explain that it was not part of my decor to people who came over, which was pretty funny/embarassing.

I thought about it and figured a valance would go nice to make it look complete. So I bought a valance at Target last weekend which turned into this:


Still not liking this, but I suppose it looks a little better. If anything it does look more finished (minus the fact that the valance needs to be ironed!).

I'm kind of embarrassed for posting this, but I figure it's always good to laugh at yourself a little! It's pretty liberating to share that I'm not perfect and I don't have the eye for design that I wish I had. I will have this curtain thing-a-ma-jig hanging in my room for probably a year even if I hate it, until my mom comes over and fixes it! Or until I move! I betcha I won't even iron it!! Okay, now maybe I will...


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