Friday, January 27, 2012

Friday's Letters


Dear Jenna, I'm so excited that you're coming to visit this weekend! I completely took having you nearby for granted for 15 years! At least it means that when we do see each other we make the most of every minute and I'm glad that has made our friendship stronger! Thank goodness there are no orthodontists in San Jose that beat yours in OC! ;)

Dear Mom, I'm still floored that you want to learn how to loom knit, but I am so excited that you want to help me knit hats for Craft Hope! Somehow this reminds me of when I was little and you wanted to watch Animaniacs with me and Ryan - it's very exciting! HA! I hope you will enjoy loom knitting; I mean, it's one hobby you can do while drinking wine and chatting!

Dear Daisy Dog, I want a doggy just like you. Maybe with a little more brown in its face so it looks more like an ewok than you do so I can name him/her Wicket. You don't give me allergies and I really appreciate that. You bark at everything somewhat threatening, but I don't think you'd survive a brawl with a kitten. I am so lucky I get the benefit of having you in my backyard without the responsibilities!

Dear Adult Acne, You are not really dear. I have been drinking 64+ oz of water each day so you seriously need to GO AWAY.



  1. Sometimes I feel like I break out more now than I did when I was 16! WTH? Love your blog :-)

    Following you,


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